What did the new style god of “Onmyoji” successfully go out of the circle to create April hegemony?

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GameLook report/A successful persona can often give players great spiritual satisfaction, thereby completely changing the degree of emotional investment in the game. The high-light version of the plot can give players a sense of immersion, arouse empathy, and is a door for players to truly enter the game world. Therefore, whether it is a two-dimensional player or a three-dimensional player, the character and plot have become more and more “just needs” in the game process.

Although the character and plot are the catalysts to enhance the emotional concentration of players and the game, they are also one of the most difficult content in the game iteration process. It is easy to cause one more point to be too much, one less point to be too little, and poor. The slightest point is a far-reaching situation.

Under “just need”, many games also try to use more methods to explore the ways of shaping the characters and polishing the plot that can truly empathize with the players. In this regard, “Onmyoji”, long recognized by players, undoubtedly has the most say. Through the cooperation inside and outside the game, it creates an immersive atmosphere and sense of ceremony for the players. While promoting the development of the plot, it also gives players an excellent participation experience. “Onmyoji” in April, through a grand “Scarlet Ceremony”, once again handed over answers that satisfied the players.

A collective carnival triggered by an animated theater

On April 21, Netease “Onmyoji” opened its annual major version update. The new version “Red Lotus Hua Mian” was launched, and the new god Emperor Shi Tian also officially met with the vast number of Onmyojis.

In fact, before the official launch of Di Shitian, the government did a lot of publicity work for the new gods. It was first revealed that the first impression of Di Shitian was established through three preview short films of the plot, which aroused the expectations of the players for the new version; and launched the Shishen theme station through the official website, supplemented by biographical rich characters in the background story; and April 12 The Di Shitian Character Animation Theater launched on Japan-“Sky Domain Chapter 1”, relies on high-quality animation to strengthen the character creation. In the later stage, through massive plot copywriting and five-volume dynamic comics, a lot of details and background supplements were made to the story, which finally caused a collective carnival among players.

The new animation theater of Tianyu Chapter released by the official this time is just the first part of the story, and its duration is as long as 15 minutes. The vast narrative space brought about by the super-long animation allows the official to let go of their hands and feet, carefully polish the story line and personal settings, and while telling the new main story clearly, they have created a “good” and “bad” with multiple The contradictory character image of Di Shitian. In the context of a repressive era, the story of Di Shitian and Ashura walking hand in hand for their ideals to finally deviate from each other, adding a tragedy and burning color to the entire version. At the same time, the April version of the new story also opened up the concept of the world of “Onmyoji”. The emergence of Tianyu is not only the opening of a new map, but also a new platform for the future extension and development of the entire game. Through the setting of this universe, the future “Onmyoji” also has the possibility to lead to more new sections.

This new animation theater is produced by Onmyoji Animation Studio. With high production technology, it has achieved amazing stylized effects. In the animation, whether it is the macro layout of the entire sky scene, or the character’s action expression drawing, the light particle effect during the battle, the ripples on the water surface, and the reflected light effect of the character’s metal ornaments, all have been special and detailed. The processing of, finally brought a top-level visual feast for the players.

The high-level animation makes “Onmyoji” confident to use the “animation theater” as the dissemination caliber. And the amazing “Onmyoji” players did not stingy with their compliments. On Weibo, there are many players who chase this animation as the show, and they even call it “April’s strongest new show.” In terms of data, the animation theater video published on Weibo ranked first in the game daily list, with a total of 5.36 million views, which undoubtedly proves the success of the animation theater.

Multi-dimensional creation of full character design, “Onmyoji model” is recognized again

On the day of Di Shi Tian’s first exposure, #阴阳师帝释天# was ranked 23rd on the Weibo hot search list. The reading volume of Di Shi Tian related topics has exceeded 500 million within a dozen days, and the discussion has exceeded 500,000. In the pan-ACGN circle, it caused a phenomenon-level enthusiasm. The high-quality production promoted a large number of disseminations, so that Di Shitian’s personality and version plot achieved very good results in a very short time, and finally made Di Shitian this The character image has a firm foothold in the hearts of players and is widely accepted and loved.

As a product that has rewritten the domestically produced two-dimensional market, the character set has always been the core competitiveness of “Onmyoji”. The reason why Di Shitian can quickly detonate the pan-user circle and attract wide attention from players including non-Onmyoji is due to the unique understanding of the character creation of Onmyoji. The role of “Onmyoji” needs to have a story and a soul. The creation of the new SSR style god emperor Shaten also follows this point.

In the biographical background, Di Shitian is not only a compassionate son, but also a blood-stained emperor with ruthless methods. In order to express this contradictory persona, the government took the lotus as inspiration and designed a highly design and high-level appearance for it. The lotus behind it not only symbolizes its absolute ideal of pursuing eternal peace, but also gives it as a whole. The person’s kind of gentle beauty not only has a sense of sight, which quickly grabs the players’ attention, but also embodies the character of Di Shitian from the core.

At the same time, “Onmyoji” adds a complex mental process to the character to enrich the character set, let the player feel the reality of the set, and shorten the distance between the player and the character. High-level “understanding” consolidates the player’s sense of identity with the human settings, and establishes the emotional bond between the two parties.

In order to give players a full enjoyment in the audiovisual, the official also invited Japan’s top voice actor Hiroshi Kamiya as the CV of Di Shiten. And Hiroshi Kamiya has dubbed many popular anime characters such as Commander Levi, Saki Kushio, Natsume Takashi and so on.

It can be seen that only in terms of character creation, “Onmyoji” continuously exerts efforts in multiple dimensions such as story background, appearance, plot animation, voice actors, etc., in order to present a vivid character. Considering the high-quality and hard-core content, it has always been the direction and inherent advantages of the creation of “Onmyoji”. This is actually a routine operation of the creation of “Onmyoji”.

Fanren has always been an indispensable part of the creation of human settings, and “Onmyoji” has a natural advantage in this regard. As the earliest two-dimensional mobile game in China, “Onmyoji” has spawned a rich and active fan ecosystem in the past 4 years with its high-quality and rich content and profound shikigami.

After the announcement of the Emperor Shi Tian, ​​it set off an upsurge of fan creation. This not only helped the release of the version activities, attracted more attention from the pan-circle people, but also effectively fed back the game IP, made the whole character background and the world of Onmyoji more plump, and formed official content → fan extension → back feeding IP. The benign ecological link promotes the continuous out of the circle of “Onmyoji” Di Shitian.

Picture source Weibo @东帝苍阳


Therefore, today when two-dimensional products are everywhere and the concept of human design is no longer unusual, Di Shitian can attract widespread attention on social media. It is by no means that “Onmyoji” has successfully created a highly popular character, but The “Onmyoji” character creation model has once again been recognized by the players.

Cooperate internally and externally to create an immersive “Scarlet Ceremony”

On April 27, a new dual camp gameplay was launched in the game terminal of Onmyoji. In this gameplay, players can choose to join the Dishitian or Ashura camp, and get the chat-exclusive ornaments of the corresponding camp and the exclusive special effects of the avatar frame “good and evil”. The two camps are opposed to each other. Players who choose different camps will have the final battle in the final battle on April 28.

This highly interactive and antagonistic camp gameplay creates the atmosphere of the final chapter, and also stimulates players’ desire to create a second time in Weibo, forums and other fields, and further enhances the players’ desire for new characters and A sense of identity for the new plot.

Emoticons made by players spontaneously

Final chapter battle interface

After the end of the final chapter of this version, players will find themselves in the illusion of Di Shitian from beginning to end. At the end of the endless cycle of illusion, Di Shitian finally ascended the throne in Tianyu and held a grand “Scarlet Ceremony.”

Players trapped in the illusion witnessed the enthronement ceremony of Di Shitian, led by Di Shitian to choose to swear allegiance, and issued a declaration of allegiance in the form of a full server announcement, and were forced to change the game avatar frame and nickname, resulting in explosive magic The effect of refreshing the screen and playing the stalk, boarded the hot search on Weibo in real time that night.

The player is forced to change to the nickname after the control of Di Shitian

The gameplay of the April event, through a highly topical immersive gameplay design, triggered a lot of discussion and sharing among the player community. The plot party, the analysis party, and the play-stalking party participated in Weibo, Station B and other platforms, and finally created a unique and impressive version of the carnival party.


In the era of two-dimensional mobile games blooming everywhere, the human settings of many games seem to be just a layer of commercial packaging to promote consumption. However, it is difficult to impress users who are gradually aesthetically fatigued with shallow human design. How to make characters leave an indelible mark in user memory is still a problem that many game manufacturers need to think about.

On this proposition, “Onmyoji” has made a lot of shaping around the core characters through the cooperation inside and outside the game, which enlarges the charm of the characters while enhancing the player’s participation experience, prompting the players to have a deep understanding of the characters’ personalities and stories, which will eventually be good The content is deeply rooted in the hearts of players. To achieve this effect, the weight invested in “Onmyoji” is really amazing.

“Onmyoji” is an in-depth plowing model that focuses on the publicity and investment of the characters. After long-term accumulation, it gradually bears excellent fruits. Through the mature operation mechanism, it finally broke out in this April version, with high-quality content and Mechanism is the source of high heat.

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