Diablo Cody and Blake Lively team up for Dark Horse Comics’ Netflix adaptation of Lady Killer

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Coming from the back of The rhythm sectionBlake Lively apparently has all the right credentials when it comes to playing an assassin, which could explain one way why Netflix approached her to star in and produce Lady Killer, an adaptation of the title Dark Horse Comics, which will be written by Oscar winner Juno writer Diablo Cody.

According to Deadline, Lively will take on the role of Josie Schuller, a seemingly normal woman who has all the traits of the perfect housewife and mother of her day, but secretly works as a hit man for a mafia organization. But her employer does not like her double life: he doubts her liability and soon decides to have her eliminated.

Diablo Cody will adapt Lady Killers of the Dark Horse Comics Title first published in 2015. Written by Joëlle Jones and Jamie S. Rich, illustrated by Joëlle Jones, and colored by Laura Allred, it was nominated in 2016 for a prestigious Eisner Award.

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