World’s End Club Switch demo available everywhere

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In April 2021, a World’s End Club demo for the Switch version was announced. But details of where and when it might show up were not confirmed. Now it is available on the eShop in all regions.

NIS America also explained what people can expect from the World’s End Club Switch demos. This is actually part of the full game. People go through the first chapter. When they are done, the save they created can be transferred to the full game. All progress continues. There is also an unspecified bonus if you bring a save file.

There’s a new trailer to discuss what to expect from both the full game and the demo. It is the starting point where a group of children has an hour to complete missions or tasks. If one person doesn’t, everyone loses. But there are saboteurs, resulting in a game with one 999 or Danganronpa feel it.

This came after the possibility of delay. World’s End Club the creator said the worldwide demo debut would take place on May 6, 2021 back on May 5, 2021. However, there was also a brief warning that the may have taken a little longer to appear.

World’s End Club will be released on Nintendo Switch on May 28, 2021. The first part is available directly on iOS through Apple Arcade.

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