TalkTalk targets BT, Virgin and Sky with discounted broadband and free TV

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TalkTalk lowers prices (Image: GETTY)

TalkTalk has slashed the price of its broadband with new customers getting online for less than £ 25 a month. The new deals that have been launched include four options, each with a different download speed. The cheapest plan (£ 22 per month) will beam the internet into your home at 38 Mbps, while the most expensive plan (£ 29.95) offers downloads at 145 Mbps.

As a quick guide, downloading a full HD blockbuster movie on a 38 Mbps connection takes about 17 minutes. You’ll be whizzing the same movie to your television in less than 10 minutes at speeds of 145 Mbps.

In addition to broadband, some of these deals also offer free access to TalkTalk’s TV service, with the cheapest plan coming with a free TV Lite box that lets you pause and rewind live TV.

TalkTalk makes some pretty big claims about these deals with the ISP, which boasts that users can save over £ 100 compared to rivals such as BT, Virgin Media and Sky.

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Here are all of TalkTalk’s new deals and what’s included.

Fiber 35 • £ 22 per month
INCLUDES – Download speeds of 38 Mbps, free installation and a free TV Lite Box

Fiber 65 • £ 25 per month
INCLUDES – Download speeds of 67 Mbps, free installation

Fiber 150 • £ 29.50 per month
INCLUDES – Download speeds of 145 Mbps, free installation

Fiber 250 • £ 40 per month
INCLUDES – Download speeds of 250 Mbps, free installation

TalkTalk says all new fiber customers will take advantage of the great connection guarantee, which allows them to leave within the first 30 days of commissioning their service if they are not fully satisfied with their new fiber connection.

Those who purchase the most expensive Fiber 150 and 250 packages also receive Fixed Price Plus. This allows customers to set their price for the entire contract, with the added guarantee that there are no price increases above inflation when they are out of contract.

In addition to these price cuts, there may be more good news for TalkTalk users coming soon. That’s because of a new partnership that treats homes to speeds in excess of 1 Gbps.

This upgrade has been made possible by a firm called Freedom Fiber that plans to install the next generation of broadband infrastructure on streets and then allow other more established brands to use the cabling to deliver faster speeds to their customers. And one company that plans to use the new Freedom Fiber network for 100,000 homes is TalkTalk.

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