Super Animal Royale takes your claws out!

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Released only on Pc until now, Super Animal Royale arrives Playstation 4 and moments later Playstation 5.

This royal battle from home Pixile, seen from above in 2D, in which you play animals, has nothing to be jealous of Fortnite & co.

YouTube video
Super Animal Royale announces trailer

Don’t be fooled by its appearance

Get ready to scratch, bite or use weapons behind the cute graphics and become the king of the beasts.

You will be no less than 64 players with submachine guns, pistols or more original weapons than the others, such as a hamster ball or bananas.

You arrive on the map on the back of an eagle and control your descent with your umbrella.

You go through the Thomas Tundra or by Super Saharaland on this huge island with no less than 10 different biomes that will be at your disposal.

Let your creativity speak!

With the Research Lab, you can create over 300 types of Super Animal, as well as equip or customize them in abundance, with over 600 cosmetic items to collect throughout the game.

Super animal world
Super animal world

Don’t hesitate to visit the amusement park and find the clues all over the island, where luck and the good things in life once ruled, because now it’s only guerrilla warfare where heavy weapons are rife.

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