See Shermie, Yashiro and Chris’ KOF XV Idle Animations

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See Shermie, Yashiro and Chris’ KOF XV Idle Animations

Now that Team Orochi, one more of The King of Fighters XV teams, is here, SNK started showing off. This means that people will now see the inactive animations for Chris, Shermie and Yashiro COFFEE XV. The video shows all three CYS members side by side, giving you an idea of ​​their behavior during a match.

Both Shermie and Yashiro are the more active of the two characters. Yashiro is constantly on the move, moving from one foot to the other before encouraging a fight. Shermie shows off more, as she twirls and checks elements of her outfit to make sure she looks good. Chris is the most relaxed of Team Orochi. He hardly moves, except for one exclamation.

Here are the COFFEE XV Idle animations from Chris, Shermie and Yashiro:

This is the second reveal dedicated to Team Orochi. Not long after Chris’s reveal in April 2021, SNK shared the group’s theme song. The background music of Team Orochi is “Resonant objects”.

The King of Fighters XV is under development and will debut in 2021. SNK has not yet announced any platforms for it.

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