Warzone News: Die Hard’s John McClane and Rambo Coming To COD As Operators?

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Call of Duty Warzone Die Hard and Rambo skins incoming? (Image: ACTIVISION • ORION • 20TH CENTURY STUDIOS)

Activision looks like it’s teasing some new Operators heading to Call of Duty Warzone soon. And in keeping with the Battle Pass’s current ’80s theme, it looks like some iconic action heroes from movies of the era are making their way to Warzone. Teases on Twitter seem to indicate John McClane and Rambo will move from Die Hard to Warzone as operators.

The plagues started last week when the @CallofDuty account tweeted, “Does anyone know SURVIVORJOHN # 1009062? Their #WarzoneReport is a sight to behold.”

At first glance, this may not seem like much of a Rambo reference.

But Rambo’s first name is John, and the one-man army survival skills are legendary, so SURVIVORJOHN would be a pretty appropriate Warzone username.

However, this tweet seemed to take on more meaning when the Call of Duty Twitter posted another tweet not long after.

They shared a tweet from a Call of Duty fan who said, “Hey @CallofDuty, with #warzone set in the 80s, how about adding some 80s action heroes in the game like #Rambo, #Terminator #ChuckNorris and #TheATeam “.

Alongside this tweet, the COD Twitter posted a thinking emoji, which seems to be a strong indication that some ’80s action stars will be heading to Warzone.

And over the weekend, the Call of Duty Twitter dropped its biggest hint yet that some ’80s action icons are on their way to Warzone.

The account shared a link to the website of a fake company called Nakatomi Duct Cleaning.

If that name sounds familiar, it’s because the Nakatomi Plaza is the setting for the first Die Hard movie.

While Duct Cleaning appears to be a reference to the iconic scene of Die Hard hero John McClane crawling through the canal system while trying to evade Hans Gruber’s legion of henchmen.

Die hard

Die Hard is one of the most iconic movies of the 80s (Image: 20TH CENTURY STUDIOS)

The @CallofDuty Twitter posted, “Air ducts are a complex network of hazards. If yours need to be fixed, call the best in the business at Nakatomi Duct Cleaning.

Read more here: http://NakatomiDuctCleaning.com.

Next to the tweet was a poster for the company with the slogan ‘Say Yippee Ki Yay To Dust’.

Which, again, is a pretty heavy nod to Die Hard.

Call of Duty and Activision have yet to confirm when these operators can arrive in Warzone.

But it will definitely have to happen before mid-June, when season 3 will end.

It’s unclear if John McClane and Rambo are the only 80s movie heroes to go to Warzone, or if we can see other icons from the silver screen to COD.

If Stallone and Willis get Warzone operators, Schwarzenegger certainly will.

But will Arnie’s Terminator be the character getting the Warzone treatment, or could it be another of his iconic characters – like Dutch from Predator or Commando’s John Matrix?

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