Destiny 2 update time: Season 14 server maintenance, Splicer patch notes news

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Destiny 2 update time for Season 14 (Image: BUNGIE)

This week’s update time for Destiny 2 is scheduled for today, May 11, including server maintenance and a short period of Bungie downtime.

The good news is that Destiny 2 servers should be down for a few hours at most, and if all goes according to plan, Season of the Splicer will be playable in the UK at night.

Guardians have been warned to collect any current loot or rewards associated with the Season of the Chosen as it will end later in the day.

Gamers also know that they need to update their game before viewing the latest storylines and Vex hunting adventures.

Early patch notes also confirmed that there will be some major backend changes to the game as well, with Bungie confirming these bug fixes for today:

  • In the Warden of Nothing attack, the number of champions defeated is now correctly tracked for each player.
  • Felwinter’s Helm will no longer cause 2020 Solstice of Heroes armor glows to default to Void, regardless of the player’s current subclass.
  • Players on the Moon will no longer automatically participate in the Hive Ritual public event and must fight to participate in the event as intended.
  • In The Disgraced attack, players are no longer locked out of the boss room to spawn too far behind other fireteam members.
  • Arcstrider Hunter’s combat stream will no longer fail on melee kills.
  • New Light tutorial posts will no longer appear during Crucible and Gambit matches.
  • In Gambit, dropped motifs will no longer immediately disappear when the opposing team summons their ancient.


Bungie has confirmed that Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer has a launch date for Tuesday, May 11, 2021.

Destiny 2 Season 14 will start after the usual weekly reset, but there will also be additional maintenance and server downtime.

This means that gamers will have to wait a little longer than usual for all maintenance to be completed.

The good news is that servers should only be offline for a short period of time, after which time everything should be available for download.

Destiny 2 server downtime starts at 5:45 PM BST and ends at 10:00 PM BST. However, maintenance will technically begin at 5:00 PM BST and is scheduled to end at 7:00 PM BST.

Guardians must update their version of Destiny 2 on PlayStation, Xbox and PC platforms to gain access.

Destiny 2’s update time is set to 6pm BST, but some Guardians may be queued and have to wait until closer to 7pm BST on May 11.

It all depends on whether there are any technical issues that can arise during these major patch events.

The official timelines shared by Bungie for Season of the Splicer are as follows:

  • 9:00 a.m. PDT (1600 UTC): Maintenance begins.
  • 9:45 a.m. PDT (1645 UTC): Players will be removed from activities. Destiny 2 will be taken offline.
  • 10:00 a.m. PDT (1700 UTC): Update 3.2.0 will be available for all platforms and regions. Players can log back into Destiny 2.
  • 11 a.m. PDT (1800 UTC): Destiny 2 maintenance is expected to be completed.

And more early patch notes for this week’s Destiny 2 update can be found below:

Skills, aspects and fragments

  • Color blind support

    • Stasis capabilities now support color blind:

      • Enemy crystals

      • Enemy mood

      • Enemy Duskfield

      • Enemy Bleak Watcher

    • Marking players in the Crucible now has colorblind support.

  • Sublcass tuning

    • Hunters

      • The Silence & Squall freeze blast has been reduced from 12 meters to 8.5 meters in radius.

      • Enemy Squall now has a red ring to define the area as it approaches.

    • Titans

      • Shiver Strike melee energy is now paid back when Glacial Quake ends.

      • Fixed an issue where players could activate Whisper or Torment by standing in an opponent’s Barricade.

    • Wizards

      • Shadow binder

        • Bleak Watcher Aspect now allocates two fragment slots.

      • Chaos Range

        • Fixed an issue with Chaos Reach Super that allowed it to penetrate through some thin walls or objects to damage and kill opponents on the other side.

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