Warzone Rambo release date revealed: 80s action icon on its way to Call of Duty

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Warzone Rambo release date revealed – 80s action icon coming to COD next week (Image: ACTIVISION)

Last week, the official Call of Duty Twitter account began teasing new operators heading to Warzone. It seemed that the COD gave Twitter a strong hint to ’80s action movie heroes John Rambo and another John – Die Hard’s John McClane – could be heading to Call of Duty Warzone. Teases include a Warzone report from a player known as SURVIVORJOHN, as well as a fake ad for a fake company called Nakatomi Duct Cleaning Services.

And after thise heavy hints that the official Call of Duty Twitter account has confirmed an upcoming release.

The COD Twitter teased that on Thursday, May 20, players will be able to “go to war”.

A short teaser video was also revealed, showing action in a jungle setting.

The teaser features a character with a crossbow and rocket aiming at an armed figure running away from them.

We don’t fully see the character with the crossbow, but we do get a close-up – and this mysterious character bears a striking resemblance to Sylvester Stallone’s Rambo.

The trailer then ends with the tagline ‘Word War’, which is written in a font that looks exactly like the font used on Rambo posters.

So it almost certainly looks like Rambo will arrive as a new operator in Call of Duty Warzone on Thursday, May 20.

It remains to be seen when John McClane will be released in Warzone, with a release date for the Die Hard hero yet to be confirmed.

But the character who made Bruce Willis famous will definitely arrive before the end of Warzone Season 3, which is expected to end around mid-June.

Warzone Rambo release date revealed

The Warzone Rambo release date appears to be Thursday, May 20 (Image: ACTIVISION)

Season 3’s Warzone Battle Pass is themed from the 80s, so the arrival of Rambo and McClane – two movie icons of the era – makes perfect sense.

The Call of Duty Twitter also seemed to tease that other ’80s action stars could be heading to Warzone.

The account quoted a tweet from a COD fan who said, “Hey @CallofDuty, now that #warzone is set in the 80s, how about adding some 80s action heroes into the game like #Rambo, #Terminator # ChuckNorris and #TheATeam “.

And interestingly, through this quoted tweet, the COD Twitter simply posted a thinking emoji – which could indicate plans they have in the pipeline.

We’ll have to wait and see if other ’80s action movie characters will go to Warzone.

But given that Willis and Stallone look like they will be attending, it would be a surprise if the other action icon of the time – Arnold Schwarzenegger – didn’t peek inside.

And there are plenty of characters from Arnie’s back catalog that would fit well in Warzone, like Predator’s Dutch or Commando’s John Matrix.

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