HTC VIVE Pro 2 announced at VIVECON 2021

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HTC VIVE, the world leader in premium virtual reality, recently announced a new VR headset, the VIVE Pro 2.

HTC VIVE Pro 2 announced at VIVECON 2021HTC VIVE Pro 2 announced at VIVECON 2021

The new VR headset will push the boundaries of PC VR for incredible gaming, creation and player experiences. It takes it to the next level when every pixel and polygon counts.

A stunning 5K resolution screen delivers 2.5K to each eye, coupled with a beautifully smooth 120Hz refresh rate and a fast-switching panel of true RGB sub-pixels for crystal-clear and super-smooth animations. The field of view increases up to 120 degrees thanks to VIVE Pro 2’s new custom design with dual stacked lenses. These advancements mean minimal motion blur and the ‘screen door effect’ is virtually eliminated, giving people a more natural and immersive experience.

HTC VIVE also worked closely with NVIDIA and AMD to optimize Display Stream Compression, for the first time in a VR headset. Display Stream Compression ensures maximum visual quality and is also backward compatible with DisplayPort 1.2, so even graphics cards that support VIVE Pro will see an advantage with VIVE Pro 2.

VIVE Pro 2 has a finely adjustable interpupillary distance (IPD), an evenly distributed weight balance, an adjustable headband and a quickly adjustable size dial. Perfect for finding your personal preferences, and also for sharing the experience with others. VIVE Pro 2 has 3D spatial sound with Hi-Res Audio certified headphones and supports third-party headphones.

All VIVE SteamVR ecosystem accessories work with VIVE Pro 2 – VIVE Trackers of every generation, the new VIVE Facial Tracker and more. VIVE Pro 2 fits into an existing SteamVR setup – be it Base Station 1.0 or Base Station 2.0, older VIVE controllers or even controllers and gloves like Valve’s Index ‘knuckle’ controllers.

For upgraders, VIVE Pro 2 in the headset only version will be available for pre-order starting May 11, 6:00 PM BST. As a special thank you to loyal users, VIVE has a special promotion during the pre-order period, with a discount for those who want to upgrade – making the VIVE Pro 2 headset available for $ 749.

The full VIVE Pro 2 kit, including Base Station 2.0 and VIVE Controllers, will be available August 4 for $ 1399.

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Here’s the trailer:

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