Katelyn Nacon from The Walking Dead will star in the mind-blowing drama Breathing Happy

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The living Dead actress Katelyn Nacon plays the lead role in the feature film Breathe happily, written and directed by Shane Brady (Ballers) and also stars John D’Aquino (Cory in the house), Augie Duke (Bad kids go to hell), June Carryl (Shameless), and NHL Hall of Famer Phil Esposito.

Breathe happily follows Dylan, a recovering drug addict on the eve of his one-year sober birthday, which happens to be Christmas Eve. He spends the holidays alone with the loss of friends and family to his addictions and his inability to take responsibility for his actions. But just as he is on the cusp of his goal of being sober for a whole year, his demons from the past show up, tempting him to fail.

“I didn’t want to tell a literal addiction story, with a logical, linear flow, because when it comes to drugs, nothing makes sense. No path is clear. I’m also a magician, so I knew I could tell this story in a way that no one else could, or ever has done before. No one is going to watch a movie because it is vanity. You have to have a real, realistic connection to the story, ”says writer-director Shane Brady. “This film is my artistic interpretation of my family’s struggle with addiction, both those who used it and those who suffered while trying to help. A confused popcorn machine of emotions and points of view that will hopefully bring healing to other families struggling with addiction. “

Breathe happily is executive produced by Emily Zercher and Jamie Parslow and also stars Jim O’Heir, Aaron Moorhead, Justin Benson and Sarah Bolger. Chris Dudley of the American rock band Underoath scores.

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