New Google Chrome Trick Every iPhone and iPad User Should Know

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A new Chrome trick every iPhone fan should know (Image: APPLE • GETTY)

Chrome users should make sure they have the very latest version of this popular web browser installed on their iPhone and iPad. Google has just released a major update to its iOS app, making it fully compatible with Apple’s widget system.

This means that you can now search the web directly from your home screen with a simple tap to go straight to the World Wide Web. And that’s not all, as the widget also offers easy access to Incognito mode for hidden browsing along with web search using just your voice and a quick way to click QR codes.

Like most iOS 14 widgets, Chrome can be resized to suit individual tastes – that means you can view it as a small square or have the service take up almost the entire home screen.

Besides the search widget that appears on the screen, another great feature is that you can also add the famous Dinosaur game to your iPhone.

If you are a longtime Google Chrome user, you are probably familiar with the hidden Jurassic title. If you are not, the game will be available when you lose your internet connection and you get to the ‘No internet connection’ error page.

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Tapping it will open a new browser window with The Dinosaur Game ready to use.

Unfortunately, you can’t play The Dinosaur Game within the widget itself, but it’s still a quick way to kill a few minutes on the morning ride.

If you want to give it a try, adding the widget is easy. All you need to do is touch an app icon or widget on the home screen until a small menu appears. Tap ‘Edit home screen’ and all your apps will start to shake. Then tap the Add button in the top left corner.

Select the Chrome widget from the menu, then swipe left or right to choose from the three different widget sizes. Then tap Add Widget.

You should then see Chrome appear among your apps on the main home screen.

Apple’s famous home screen could bring more changes next month when the company holds its annual WWDC Developers Conference.

This online event will take place from June 7 with news of the next generation of iOS, macOS, iPadOS and watchOS updates all expected to be announced.

“We bring our developers together at WWDC every year to learn about our latest technologies and connect them with Apple engineers,” said Susan Prescott, Apple’s vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations and Enterprise and Education Marketing. “We’re working to make WWDC21 our biggest and best yet, and we’re excited to provide Apple developers with new tools to support them in creating apps that change the way we live, work and play. “

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