Call of Duty Warzone Update: New Cold War Patch Notes News for Today

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Call of Duty Warzone update news for May 13th (Image: ACTIVISION)

A new Call of Duty Warzone and Cold War update will be released this week, with Activision sharing early patch notes.

From what has been shared so far, most of the major changes are being saved for an upcoming mid-season patch.

It is expected to launch on May 20 and will contain new content for Warzone and Cold War, including exclusive operators and weapons.

It also looks like there will be more content for Multiplayer and Zombies mode than Battle Royale, with a new map for Undead fans to explore.

This would make sense when you consider how much of Season 3 has been devoted to Warzone so far.

At the launch of the new season, a mini-event was taken up, followed by the release of Verdansk 84.

The map refresh was the focus for the first few weeks of Season 3, but now the focus will turn back to other modes and Cold War experiences.

Back to this week, and Activision has confirmed some major changes to the playlist are planned.

A new 12v12 Moshpit goes live, bringing a larger pool of players to the current 6v6 maps.

A message from Activision teases, “This Thursday, 12v12 battles are coming to 6v6 maps for the first time in Black Ops Cold War in the new 12v12 Moshpit! Starting May 13, play intense 24-player respawn modes on 6v6 maps. If you thought Nuketown ’84 was already your go-to for camouflage challenges, wait until you try it with twice the number of players …

Party Games’ collection of playlists continues this week with Prop Hunt, Gun Game and Sticks and Stones! Get ready to dive in and party. “

A new Gunfight tournament will also begin on Thursday, complete with new rewards and gear.

Meanwhile, there hasn’t been much teasing for Warzone, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be updating a playlist.

Raven Software has talked about retuning some Modern Warfare weapons to make them more competitive as part of the current game meta.

And chances are, a new set of playlists will be added to the game this week, along with a major Call of Duty Store update.

A message from Activision adds, “Earn the fear and distrust of your enemies when the Tracer Pack: Antonov Operator Bundle hits stores this week, featuring its legendary” Meltdown “Operator Skin.

Also included are two legendary weapon blueprints featuring nuclear tracer fire and disintegration effects: the “Toxic Contaminant” Tactical Rifle and the “Nuclear Response” SMG.

The pack also includes the “Radiation Detector” wrist accessory, the “Toxic Spill” Charm, the “Chemical Burn” animated emblem, the “Toxic Throne” animated Calling Card and the “Radiator” vehicle skin.

“This next bundle, the Tracer Pack: Tropical, packs a bigger punch than a double piña colada with three legendary weapon blueprints: the” Extended Vacation “Sniper Rifle, the” Subtropic “SMG, and the” Tropic Elite “Pistol.”

Based on recent announcements from Treyarch developers, the major content update is being saved for next week.

This will be when the Mid-Season patch is released for both games and chances are we’ll learn more about what it will include in the coming days.

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