Destiny 2 Crossplay ends today with server maintenance and Bungie update

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Destiny 2 crossplay has ended (Image: BUNGIE)

A new hotfix released today serves two purposes; removing login issues and getting rid of Destiny 2 crossplay.

Bungie revealed this on Twitter, confirming that current server maintenance would end with Destiny Crossplay support being cleaned up.

The feature came to all platforms later this year and was accidentally enabled as part of the Season 14 launch.

A message from the Bungie support team explained earlier this week: “We are seeing reports that some players can get a taste of Crossplay.

“This is not yet intended to be live and is not representative of the full experience. We’ll be rolling out a fix to remove public access later this week, but you can join in the meantime. “

And it seems today is when Destiny 2 Crossplay will end on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

“This maintenance is intended to fix an issue where Destiny 2 would crash for some players during login.

“This maintenance also fixes an issue where some players could accidentally watch players on other platforms.”

The patch notes for today’s update only include these two items and can be found below:


  • Fixed an issue that caused some players to crash during login.
  • Fixed an issue where some players had early access to Cross Play.

More news of the return of Destiny 2 crossplay is expected to be shared by Bungie later this year.

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