Oscar Isaac’s revenge thriller, The Card Counter, sets a September release date

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One of the many films dealing with the fallout from the global pandemic was Paul Schrader’s latest offering The card counter, where production was shut down for months as the industry adapted to new working methods. As Hollywood begins to come to life, Focus Features has set a fall date for the revenge thriller, and it will finally hit theaters on September 10, 2021.

With Oscar Isaac, Tiffany Haddish, Tye Sheridan and Willem Dafoe, The card counter is executive produced by Martin Scorsese and is Schrader’s first film since his Oscar-nominated drama First reformed.

The card counter follows William Tell (Isaac), a gambler and former soldier who wants to reform a young man seeking revenge on a mutual enemy from their past. Tell just wants to play cards. His spartan existence on the casino track is shattered when he is approached by Cirk, a vulnerable and angry young man seeking help in carrying out his plan of revenge on a military colonel. Tell sees an opportunity for redemption through his relationship with Cirk. Supported by mysterious gambling financier La Linda, Tell takes Cirk on a journey from casino to casino until the unlikely trio set their sights on winning the World Series of poker in Las Vegas. But keeping Cirk on the right path proves impossible, dragging Tell back into the darkness of his past.


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