Undying Moon arrives on Steam Early Access

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Konami and indie developer GuruGuru have released their new 2D hack-and-slash Roguevania, GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon, on Steam Early Access. This early access version of the game includes eight game levels, a port of the original Japanese Famicom game, a digital art book and the original mini soundtrack, all for just £ 19.99 / $ 24.99 / € 24.99.

GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon takes players to a dark fantasy world where the gates to hell have been ripped open allowing the flood of evil demonic spirits to flow into the world and infect it with their evil. As Clan Leader Getsu Fuma, players travel to the pit of Hell to destroy evil at its roots. Fortunately, players have an arsenal of weapons and equipment to suit all playstyles.


  • Brutal Boss Fights – A reanimated demon lord, colossal centipede and five-headed hydra are just a few of the monstrous bosses that await.
  • Dynamic Weapon-Based Combat – Master a wide variety of weapon types, including katanas, battle umbrellas and spears.
  • Authentic Roguelite Action – New map layouts and challenges with every attempt. Permanent upgrades and customizable weapons no matter how many times you die.
  • Immersive Weapon Enhancement – Have full control over the ability to collect, improve and unlock main and sub weapons abilities.
  • Soul-Devouring Power-Up System – Collect souls from the fallen on each descent and use them to recharge.
  • A world of Japanese ukiyo-e art-inspired visuals and vibrant, dynamic 2D animations.

GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon is now available on Steam Early Access.

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