Mass Effect 3 almost had a Reaper Fied Illusive Man

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BioWare lead writer Mac Walters revealed a cut-out plan where in Mass Effect 3 the Illusive Man would be something different.

Mass Effect 3 almost had a Reaper Fied Illusive Man

In an interview with media outlet Eurogamer, Walters revealed that the team once had a plan for a boss fight involving Commander Shepard against a Reaper.

Originally, when you were at the Citadel, it should have been – remember ME2’s Reaper baby? Everyone remembers the infamous Reaper baby – a similar version of it, more or less manifesting itself at the Citadel, ”Walters recalls. So when you confronted the Illusive Man, you really confronted the Reapers and their embodiment of something on the Citadel. We actually had rough prototypes, but in the end, as most people remember, the ending is expanded, it goes on, and it goes on. The typical thing to do would be a big boss fight, but it didn’t feel right. It didn’t feel right for where we were. “

This is where Walters revealed that there was actually a plan for the Illusive Man to become a Reaper himself. He was Reaper-fied and became a boss Shepard had to put down. It was similar to Saren in a way, but that idea was quickly abandoned by the team.

Another concept was that the Illusive Man controlled this gigantic mechanical “octo thing,” as he calls it. It looked like the baby Reaper.

Eventually, the Illusive Man became half-shell and had powers that could control his enemies. A lot of fans were expecting a big fight, but the whole series made sense in a way.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is now available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Interview source: Eurogamer

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