Mr Beast could have signed with FaZe, FaZe Banks claims

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Mr Beast could have signed with FaZe, FaZe Banks claims

Mr Beast is currently one of the largest YouTubers on the platform with 62 million subscribers and 10 billion views accumulated in total, but what could have happened if this apparent signing happened according to FaZe Banks, while Mr Beast himself confirmed it.

In a recent episode of the No Jumper podcastFaZe Banks claims he could have signed Mr Beast twice in recent years, but the deals fell. With FaZe as one of the biggest brands in gaming and on YouTube since 2010, they have themselves amassed more than 8.6 million subscribers and 1.09 billion views; this could have been one of the greatest acquisitions of the generation.

This would have been interesting to see how that would have affected his growth in many people in response to this podcast saying he wouldn’t have had the same type of growth because of FaZe Clan’s brand. Recently, FaZe Banks come under fire for hosting a major party in LA during the coronavirus pandemic. Even still FaZe remains relevant as ever on a daily basis and Mr Beast has partnered with an amalgamation of YouTubers, but with that easier access to the FaZe content team could have made the content easier for him.

Mr Beast has grown in popularity in recent years with his extravagant video ideas to give money to people for performing blatant tasks and has since gained such a huge following that he has been able to invest that money in opening his own fast food chain, Mr. Beasts Burgers. Not only that, but in March 2019 he hosted a Paintball Battle Royale tournament in an undisclosed area with names like Muselk, NoahJ456, Roman Atwood and the Misfits.

Mr Beasts Battle RoyaleMr Beasts Battle Royale
Credit: MrBeast

FaZe has been around since 2010, starting with Call of Duty montage videos then moving to more personal content around 2015-2016 when CoD content started losing viewers on the platform due to uninteresting releases. Since then they have amassed more than 80 members with millions of subscribers growing daily.

What do you think would have happened if this had continued? Do you think he would have grown more or do you think the FaZe Clan name would have slowed his growth?

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