Army of the Dead cast: who is in the Netflix movie Army of the Dead?

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Army of the Dead is the latest film from director Zack Snyder whose output has been in the news a lot. In fact, his Justice League director’s cut was so popular that it hit HBO Max, despite the original movie coming out four years earlier. But he’s written and directed another brand new movie, and some are hoping it will become a franchise in its own right.

Who is in the Netflix movie Army of the Dead?

The Army of the Dead star is Guardians of the Galaxy’s Dave Bautista, who leads the cast as Scott Ward while Ella Purnell plays his daughter Kate.

Considering the movie is about an ‘army’ there are quite a few names in the cast, although none of them have the same star power as Dave.

Hiroyuki Sanada plays casino boss Bly Tanaka, who gives Scott the task of retrieving millions of dollars from a safe under Las Vegas in the zombie quarantine zone.

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Army of the Dead – who is in the cast? (Image: Netflix)

Dave Bautista and Hiroyuki Sanada in Army of the Dead

Dave Bautista and Hiroyuki Sanada in Army of the Dead (Image: Netflix)

Ana de la Reguera plays mechanic Maria Crus, who joins the team as a friend of Scott, while Omari Hardwick plays Vanderohe and brings special abilities as a zombie killer.

Tig Notaro plays Marianne, a helicopter pilot who is cynical about their mission and the one behind it, while Raúl Castillo and Samantha Win play influencer Mikey Guzman and his friend Chambers.

Garret Dillahunt plays Martin, the head of casino security, and Nora Arnezeder plays Coyote, a warrior who brings her own recruit, guard Burt (played by Theo Rossi.)

Finally, Matthias Schweighöfer plays Dieter, the team’s vault-cracker, while Huma Qureshi plays Geeta, a mother Kate looks for in a surprising twist.

Dave Bautista and Ella Purnell in Army of the Dead

Dave Bautista and Ella Purnell in Army of the Dead (Image: Netflix)

What do critics think of Army of the Dead?

Overall, critics have received the film well, with an overall rating of 74 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.

The Telegraph’s Robbie Collin said of the film, “Everyone here has been cast for their faces, not their names – and Snyder’s camera takes a close look at the toll the robbery has taken on each one of them, especially Bautistas, who still remain. one of the most soulful in modern Hollywood. “

This comment came in a four-star review, although some of the others weren’t as generous.

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The mercenary group in Army of the Dead

The mercenary group in Army of the Dead (Image: Netflix)


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The Independent’s Clarisse Loughrey said in her three-star review, “A Baroque carpet of blood, bullets and bone – a carpet that is never short of memorable images, even though the symbolism is so clear it feels like being shouted through a megaphone.”

Empire’s John Nugent had a similar view of the film, saying, “It’s refreshing to see Snyder revive his first love with this romp of a genre mash-up that lets Snyder unleash his most joyful indulgences, almost as much. as its worst excesses. “

Time Out’s Phil de Semlyen wasn’t much of a fan of the movie, which earned him a two-star review.

He wrote, “Army of the Dead doesn’t look so much like watered down Aliens with slot machines.”

CNN’s Brian Lowry has a similar negative review, adding, “Zack Snyder clearly felt little pressure to cut back on this two and a half hour zombie / heist hybrid.

“The result is a Netflix movie that delivers many standout shots – a Snyder specialty – without giving enough life to the non-zombie cast.”

Army of the Dead airs on Netflix on May 21

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