A free demo for the upcoming Prison Simulator is coming

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Indie developer Baked Games has released the Prison Simulator: Prologue, a free prequel and demo of what to expect from the upcoming strategy and simulation game, Prison Simulator, will be released on Steam for PC later this year.

This prequel challenges players to become a prison officer and regain control of the prison in a violent prison riot. Players will have to use whatever means necessary to restore calm and maintain order. Officers will have access to a range of items that allow them to subdue violent prisoners and decide in a split second when to use them. Inmates run wild with homemade shafts and won’t think twice about stabbing you and to top it all off there is the prison warden eager to give you a rough life.

When Prison Simulator is released, players will again be a prison officer in one of the toughest prisons and will have to complete various tasks for 30 days until a promotion can free you from it. For 30 days, players must accept new inmates when they arrive, perform cell shakedowns, search for contraband, guard the garden, supervise and resolve conflicts between high-profile inmates.

Prison Simulator will have:

  • A story with an interesting twist.
  • Manage fights between prisoners.
  • Search for contraband.
  • Play mini games to relax from the stress of prison duty.
  • Wide variety of weapons.

Prison Simulator: Prologue is now available for free on Steam.

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