Elden Ring will only contain one type of mount: Rumor

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According to a reliable source, Elden Ring will contain only one type of holder.

Speak on the ResetERA forumsAlmighty, a well-known and trusted From Software insider, confirmed that there will be only one type of mount. Since Elden Ring will be more open than the Souls game, but it won’t be a major open-world game, this isn’t exactly surprising.

Seems like I’ve caused some confusion here due to my bad wording and punctuation. There is only 1 type of mount, I just didn’t know what to call it, so the “horse” is “Yakul”, or the Red Elk, Ibex, whatever you want to call it.

We managed to get a glimpse of mounted combat in Elden Ring in the trailer that leaked online earlier this year. Since the trailer showed an older version of the game, we would expect things to be quite different in the final version of the game.

The leaked Elden Ring trailer also offered a first look at some of the game’s key locations, as explained by well-known Chinese Souls content developer Longqi Bangbangtang.

  • That gigantic tree is the world tree he mentioned earlier, but it resides only in a particular kingdom and is not used to connect the whole world together as the new god of war.

  • The trailer’s narrator is an in-game NPC and he shares the same voice actor with Patches.

  • The castle at the beginning of the trailer is in one kingdom, and the snow scene at the end is in another kingdom. The character standing in the night is similar to the xanthous king.

  • Giant pulling a chariot is a reference to the Green man in Celtic mythology. That car has to be pulled by these giants in order to drive.

  • The scene where the giant head is located may be a reference to Muspelheim in Norse mythology.

  • Since FS designed the bosses and the maps first, then designed the NPC and the player, the appearance of the bosses shouldn’t change, but the location can change (in Project Beast, daughter of the cosmos appeared in the church)

Elden Ring is currently under development for PC and consoles. A definitive release date has yet to be confirmed.

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