Plans to use NHS app vaccine passport for UK gigs and events have been ‘scarred’

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The government is believed to have scrapped plans to rely on vaccine passports in the UK (Image: GETTY • GOOGLE PLAY STORE)

The UK government will no longer force people to prove their vaccination status using the NHS app to enter nightclubs, theatres, football stadiums and other venues, according to The Sunday Telegraph. While so-called “vaccine passports” are already in use before traveling abroad, UK officials are currently working on an assessment of their use in the UK. The digital certificate is designed to prove that you have either had both doses of a Covid-19 vaccine, or that you have received a negative coronavirus test in the past few days.

Concerts, football stadiums, theaters and festivals were all expected to rely on this app-based certificate — just like airports — to stop those likely to have the disease (or worst reaction if they contracted a strain of virus during the event) from to attend. However, the UK officials working to review the use of Covid-19 health certificates believe the plan is already dead in the water.

That’s because officials believe there’s no chance UK law will be changed to mandate the use of these passports in the UK, sources have told The Sunday Telegraph. However, when approached by Reuters, a government spokesperson said the assessment of the Covid-19 vaccine certification “is still ongoing” and “no decision has been made yet”.

We’d take that with a grain of salt, though, as there is growing concern about the prospect of vaccine certificates being used across the UK from Boris Johnson’s own Conservative party, as well as opposition lawmakers and civil rights groups. In April, the Prime Minister himself nodded at some of the ethical issues involved in the certification of the COVID-19 vaccine.

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Government Scrap Plans UK NHS App Covid-19 Vaccine Passport UK Update

Proof of your vaccination status can already be found in the NHS app on iOS and Android (Image: GOOGLE PLAY STORE • NHS)

Vaccine passports are already available today – and will be required for some overseas flights – but not required to attend football matches, theatres, cinemas or other venues that are now reopening in England and Wales.

Confusingly, your vaccine passport is in a completely separate app from the NHS Covid-19 app, which is being used to stop the spread of the coronavirus. The Covid-19 app is the one that uses Bluetooth to monitor your proximity to other people – marking when someone you’ve been in close contact with later tests positive for Covid-19 so you can isolate yourself and hopefully the spread of the potentially deadly virus.

But while you need to download the NHS Covid-19 app to scan QR codes when entering pubs, restaurants and cafes …something you will do much more or due to a change in government advice, you must have the NHS app installed on your phone while abroad.

The much-discussed “vaccine passports” began landing in the NHS app on iPhone and Android as England embarked on the next step of its lockdown roadmap on Monday, May 17, 2021.

Whether the government will confirm The Sunday Telegraph’s story in the coming days remains to be seen. If the problem is that the law enforces the use of Covid-19 passports in the UK, we can imagine either seeing the bill go up in flames in the House of Commons… or the government just stop talking about it altogether. idea.

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