A Quiet Place Part II closing credits: is there a post-credit scene?

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In A Quiet Place Part II, the Abbott family returns as they fight for their survival against sound-attracted aliens. This time around, some new characters join them as they try to cope with life without Lee (played by John Krasinski.)

Is there a post-credit scene after A Quiet Place Part II?

WARNING: Spoilers for A Quiet Place Part II ahead.

There is no post-credit or mid-credit scene at the end of A Quiet Place Part II.

There’s plenty of clues as to what could happen in a potential third movie, though, as director/writer John Krasinski has laid some Easter eggs.

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A Quiet Place Part II – is there a post-credits scene? (Image: Paramount)

The Abbott Family in A Quiet Place Part II

The Abbott Family in A Quiet Place Part II (Image: Paramount)

He recently told The Hollywood Reporter: “So a lot of the things that I thought were interesting to think about about Part I ended up in Part II. And then, in part II, I learned my lesson very quickly.

“Every time I had ideas like that, I wrote them down in case there’s ever a part III or a third.

“So I could refer to some of these things if there’s a part III.

“And we even went so far as to put in a few Easter eggs so that if I did a third, they’d rejoin the second.”

Emily Blunt as Evelyn Abbott

Emily Blunt as Evelyn Abbott (Image: Paramount)

However, there are some obvious potential sequels available to the director of the second film.

One is that the island has now been found with survivors, as the creatures cannot traverse water.

Of course things go horribly wrong when one of the creatures sails to the island in a boat, but luckily Regan (Millicent Simmonds) can save the day with the help of their new friend, Emmett (Cillian Murphy.)

Using her hearing aid, as she had in the first movie, she was able to weaken the creatures enough to kill them, which she brutally did.

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Millicent Simmonds as Regan

Millicent Simmonds as Regan (Image: Paramount)


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The island itself could very easily be a sequel to this film, as the family could live here together and meet other survivors.

In addition, they now have Emmett to help them, although he is badly injured at the end of the film, so they will have to help him medically first.

If John’s comments are correct, Part III may already have an idea, and his wife and co-star Emily Blunt has already suggested it might be.

She told Collider: “(John) has a whole bunch of ideas that could work.

“I think he just wanted to see how people reacted to this one before he had his brains fully engaged in the third one. But he has some great ideas.”

Additionally, Paramount has commissioned a spin-off film to be written and directed by Jeff Nichols, which could be a new starting point for the third film as these threads may be brought together.

One thing’s for sure, Regan is the clear savior in this movie, so hopefully she’ll be the pack in a third movie.

A Quiet Place Part II is now in theaters

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