Halo Infinite E3 Rumors Have Better, But No Top-Tier Visuals, Battlefield Style Mode

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We’re definitely in for a ton of big announcements when the Xbox & Bethesda E3 showcase comes out in just over a week, but whatever’s announced, the headliner will still be the same: Halo Infinite. Given the mixed response to last year’s Halo Infinite gameplay, Microsoft and 343 have a lot to prove, so what can we expect? Good, YouTuber and Microsoft insider Coalteastwoodast weighed on his last show, and it sounds like Halo Infinite’s re-debut is just as discussed as its first. First off, while 343 has been working on improving Halo Infinite’s graphics, don’t expect anything “mindful” or truly next-gen…

343 shows a small feature on the campaign and improved visuals. Testers say Halo Infinite looks better, but not the stunning top-end visuals we’ve come to expect from 343 and the biggest tentpole franchise on [Microsoft’s] platform.

While we’ll probably see a small portion of the campaign, Coalteastwood believes Microsoft will focus on multiplayer, which will be free to play, and will include a new large-scale Battlefield-inspired mode (though not a full Battle Royale). Oh, and maybe we’ll get a September launch date too!

A big focus for the show will be a huge, diverse showcase of the multiplayer suite coming to Halo Infinite Online, a free-to-play model that will literally make millions upon millions when the game launches in September this year.

It’s rumored that Halo Infinite will feature a brand new Battlefield-inspired competitive and cooperative team-based mode, featuring an arsenal of big vehicles and weapons on maps much larger than Halo’s ever had. Not a Battle Royale, but more of an amalgamation of Battle Royale, Battlefield Conquest and full Halo multiplayer madness. Expect an online play demo to be released just after the event closes.

Take all this with a grain of salt for now, of course, but Coalteastwood has a solid track record and many of these things are consistent with previous rumors we’ve heard.

Halo Infinite is coming to PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. The Xbox & Bethesda E3 showcase will be streamed live on June 13.

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