TBC Classic ElvUI Minimalist custom UI with additional features now available

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ElvUI, the popular custom interface for World of Warcraft, is now also available for TBC Classic.

Since vanilla World of Warcraft, players have heavily customized the game’s interface with individual add-ons or complete interface revisions. One of the most popular and easy-to-use custom packages is arguably ElvUI. The custom interface was first released around the game’s Wrath of the Lick King expansion.

ElvUI is a minimalistic interface designed around usability and is packed with extra features not included in the game’s standard interface, including DPS meters, buff timers, custom action bars, and much more. In addition, the pack includes a complete custom tank and DPS layout, as well as a healing lesson layout. The installation is quite simple and requires minimal installation. Below are some screenshots of the interface in action. Please note that most of these screenshots are not from the TBC version of the user interface. They should give a general impression.

Those interested can download ElvUI through the interfaces official website here. The interface is regularly updated and the most recent update was released last week.

TBC Classic ElvUI version 2.08 [30-05-2021] Changes

• Added an option to enable/disable QuestXP for the experience bar
• Blessing of Redemption added to aura indicators
• Class:icon tag added
• Earth Shield added to Aura Indicators
• Fixed: shortage of tags
• Fixed LossOfControl ActionBar swipe
• Fixed QuestXP not updating in the experience bar
• Updated some skins

While ElvUI is a great minimalistic interface, those looking for additional customization options might be better off with TukUI, which is basically an evolved form of ElvUI with even more customization options. TukUI can be downloaded here.

A clean, lightweight, minimalist and popular user interface among the warcraft community since 2007. Grandfather of ElvUI. Designed for people who want a more modern user interface without bloated features. This is a great UI to start minimal and fresh, more or less like what Blizzard offers with their basic UI. Add your favorite add-ons through this interface for additional functionality.

World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic is now available worldwide. The classic server option for World of Warcraft’s first expansion launched earlier this week.

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