This 4-year-old two-dimensional mobile game has become a player’s ideal appearance

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GameLook report/What is the upper limit of the two-dimensional game? Many answers to this question can be found in Azur Lane.

In terms of results, “Azur Lane” is the first batch of domestically produced two-dimensional mobile games to top the best-selling list in Japan, and it is the representative of China’s two-dimensional games that are equal in quality and even surpass Japan’s two-dimensional games.

In terms of experience design, “Azur Lane” jumped out of the routine of forced liver and forced krypton, redefining the meaning of the game of conscience.

In terms of long-term operation, “Azur Lane” has maintained its original intention for the past four years, and the outline of the world has been continuously improved. There are always bright content iterations at key points, and it is suitable for wholeheartedly or for the elderly.

There are many successful two-dimensional products, but you can hardly find a special game like Azur Lane.

The content and benefits are as many as “desensitization”, an ideal two-dimensional mobile game

On May 23, on the fourth anniversary of the “Azur Lane”, a live broadcast event with the theme “Flowing Light, Thank You for You” was held. As in previous years, this live broadcast officially released a huge amount of event content, ranging from new skins, new furniture, new peripherals, etc., a total of three bombs to the anniversary event that made players hooked.

Considering that in the past live broadcasts were often complained by players because of too much content and too dense content, this event has a certain length of time. Even so, the overall rhythm of the live broadcast room is still quite tight. The 1.5-hour live broadcast is full of popularity from beginning to end. Surrounded by a group of unsatisfied players, the post-event review video has exceeded 400,000 views at station B.

There are many highlights of the live broadcast. The fourth anniversary celebration activities include the fourth anniversary of the shipbuilding event, brand-new commemorative activities and construction of prayers, “Garden”, “Caliyon” and “Squirting Fish” and other six new characters from the White Eagle camp. “META Research Room” added “META·Helena” battle collection characters, as well as linkage with brands such as Xiong Xiaobai, Peak, and BOP, and so on.

The new vow is too fragrant

A large amount of content and a large amount of benefits are the consistent “purpose” of the “Azur Lane” event. The ten consecutive draws announced in this live broadcast, in the eyes of some players: “In other games, a bunch of people are rushing to call Dad. Welfare, Bilanli gave me even no waves.”

Some players even concluded with emotion that the taste has been “raised”.

Interestingly, the two seemingly diametrically opposed labels of “conscience” and “income-generating” are not contradictory in Azur Lane. According to the financial report of the co-developer Yongshi Network, the revenue of Yongshi Network increased by 30.68% last year, mainly due to the rich game content added with the version update of “Azur Lane”, which stimulated daily and new players to enter the pit, and then Drive the increase in game recharge.

It’s said that the two-dimensional “generate power with love, pay for love”, but with the expansion of the two-dimensional market and the expansion of user groups, the two-dimensional game has gradually followed the trend of mainstream mode. Fortunately, “Azur Lane” has indeed survived. The way the player wants it.

This is not unrelated to the “Azur Lane” has always paid attention to the interaction with the players, and the players also recognize this.

The 4th anniversary theme song is top-notch, and the pursuit of quality runs through

Of course, in the two-dimensional mobile game, it is not uncommon for the new version to come with new characters, new benefits, and new content. The most surprising highlight of GameLook and many players is the fourth anniversary theme song-lyrics by TMDC, music by M2U, ryo (Supercell)’s “Desperate Death” sung by the band EGOIST.

“Desperate Death” is a new song carefully prepared and polished by EGOIST since last year’s single “The Last Petal”. The song uses Japanese traditional musical instruments to play a beautiful melody, and the vocalist chelly’s highly recognizable sad voice has impressed many players. Even players who claim to have different temperaments also said that they are “unclear and powerful.”

The high quality of this theme song has also been recognized by EGOIST fans, and it is jointly called “Dream Linkage” by fans of both sides. Some players even said it is the most anticipated part of this four-year anniversary.

The excitement of the players is related to EGOIST’s excellent composing and singing skills. EGOIST is a popular band launched by the folk music group ryo (supercell) with its hard power. From the virtual concept in the earliest animation “Guilty Crown”, it has grown step by step to the now popular and powerful group.

With excellent composition and solid singing skills, EGOIST is well-known to music fans, having sang “Psycho-Measurer”, “Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress”, and the genius writer Ito Plan’s trilogy “Empire of the Corpse” The theme song of the animated film “Harmony” and “Organ Toxic”. He is good at fitting the core and vividly interpreting the charm of the original work. It is well-known to the two-dimensional users and music fans for its high quality of music and the deep fit with the world view of the work.

And chelly, the lead singer of EGOIST selected from more than 2,000 people, is guaranteed to be released on the Oricon weekly list TOP10 without exception, and has become a topical achievement.

The “Desperate Destiny” MV released on June 2 is a work specially produced by EGOIST for the linkage of the simplified version of “Azur Lane”. The deck is top-notch, and it is no wonder that some players are extremely excited.

From GameLook’s point of view, the fourth anniversary theme song sung by EGOIST also contains more symbolic meanings. On the one hand, it implements “Azur Lane”‘s consistent pursuit of content quality, and on the other hand, it also represents “Azur Lane”‘s path of self-breakthrough. Go one step further.

Advanced concepts, continuous progress, and grow together with players

At the end of 2017, “Azur Lane” reached the top of Japan’s App Store best-seller list. Afterwards, Yao Meng, CEO of Japanese service agent Youxing Networks, said in an interview with GameLook that the success of Azur Lane is “an improvement in the concept of mobile games”. He further explained, “Whether it is in terms of game experience, paid experience or overall personal experience, They are all very advanced”.

At that time, after the second year of 2016, the domestically produced two-dimensional mobile games had risen, but the overseas influence was yet to be developed. “Azur Lane” undoubtedly made a good start.

After that, although many players with “selfish intentions” hope that the product influence remains “small and beautiful” to ensure the purity of the game environment, Azur Lane has not limited itself to the definition of a niche.

Even to a certain extent, “Azur Lane” gradually began to strip away the single impression of the game, and began to grow into a comprehensive IP that spans multiple fields such as games, animation, and music.

And this is the evolution direction of Azur Lane. For example, the “Azur Lane” animation of the same name has achieved more than 32 million views at station B, and a favorable rating of 8.1 points. The new daily show “Azur Lane: Moving Slightly!” to be launched in 2021. 》, it has a super high evaluation of 9.8 points.

Taking this opportunity for the fourth anniversary, in addition to the usual mass content and welfare updates, “Azur Lane” also launched the fourth anniversary carnival together, through the form of online “evening party”, while expanding the boundaries of IP expressiveness, arouse users A sense of identity and belonging as a player of Azur Lane.

At the same time, inside and outside the game, “Azur Lane” also launched a drone performance that broke the dimension wall. The novel form of using drones to distribute diamonds, oath rings and other benefits has won unanimous praise from players, and has also given an important sense of ceremony for the fourth anniversary of the birthday. In one day, the number of drone-related Weibo reposts exceeded 10,000. In the comment area, a large number of players spontaneously used sentences such as “Meet the 5th Anniversary” and “Azur Lane First in the World” to express their joy.

It can be said that “Azur Lane” is building a full and three-dimensional world view, and continuously enhancing the emotional connection with the players. It is precisely by continuing to accompany the players around and grow together “in and out of the play” that the vitality of the “Azur Lane” IP brand will continue to extend in the past four years and in the future.

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