New Valorant Agent can, according to Leak. turn off the blade

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As Episode 3’s update approaches, players are understandably excited and impatient to learn more about the new Valorant agent. As dedicated gamers often do, a Google News user seems to have discovered a juicy detail after discovering the agent’s teaser video on the map Breeze. This leak was first noticed by Dual Shockers

The teaser was added after the recent Patch 2.11 and includes an intriguing interaction when using the agent’s blade. The clip uploaded by Google News user @cynprel shows how the knife reacts with the Radianite found in a green chest.

Cynprel states that this could be an ability that disables those of other agents. This would certainly line up with what Riot has teased so far, promising players that they’ll have to rely only on their marksmanship every now and then.

Of course, this is just a snippet of what the aspiring agent can do, and we don’t know yet how long they can inhibit other abilities. A well-known data miner in the community called phloxay, also discovered several tags related to the next agent that may provide some clues.

The tags are:

  • SuppressionAssist
  • Help out. suppression
  • suppressed
  • Enhancements.HUD.Suppressed

Undoubtedly, we can expect oppression in one form or another, whether it has to do with abilities or something else entirely. floxay also mentions that the Valorant agent arriving in Episode 3 is codenamed Grenadier. While these details hardly give us the full picture, it certainly whets the appetite for Episode 3’s update and the arrival of the 16th Agent.

In the meantime, if you want to try Valorant to see what it’s all about, you can download the game for free from the official Valorant website. Meanwhile, if you missed our news earlier today, every player is ready to receive the Duality player card after redemption issues over the past few days.

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