Action RPG The Last Oricru takes you to a killer medieval Sci-Fi world

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You’ve heard a lot about Koch Media’s new label, Prime Matter. With a slew of games under the new label, a select few caught my eye, and I quickly noticed that I was very interested in them. One such game is The Last Oricru, because of the genre, the setting and more.

Developed by GoldKnights, a new studio in the Czech Republic, The Last Oricru is an action RPG set in a medieval but sci-fi world. You start after waking up in a stasis room and being stabbed by a lovely alien dude. Hanging from a pole would normally be someone’s end, but you are special. You survive.

It’s time to venture through a seemingly vast world, encounter strange aliens, uncover technological devices that are undeniably anachronistic to the world around them, and find yourself in the midst of a myriad of factions, facing the political struggle that destroys the world from The Last Oricru.

From everything I could see in a hands-off early look at The Last Oricru, there’s an awful lot going on. With multiple factions to be described, a global war that will directly affect your actions, opportunities to be involved in large-scale combat in a combat system that appeared – although it was clearly avoided as a description – soul-like battles.

Add to this what is seemingly a wealth of dialogue options to define your character and game; at first glance, this seems to be the kind of deep world found in many European RPGs along the lines of Gothic, Greedfall, or Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Something the industry, and I, miss a lot. Especially with the idea of ​​faction battles and a world full of characters that react to you, even as if they get involved in the fights to help protect you.

There’s a lot we don’t know, but it might be easier to read what GoldKnights says about the game to get a clearer picture:

About The Last Oricru

The Last Oricru is an action RPG that puts you in the middle of an ongoing conflict under the protective shield on the otherwise desolate planet. Your decisions bring interesting twists to the gameplay, as you can greatly influence the conflict and its outcome. You will experience hundreds of intense battles in a brutal medieval sci-fi world, where every action has its consequences. Level up your hero and improve your skills before facing one of the many boss battles.

Intriguing story

In the world of The Last Oricru, advanced technology is largely forgotten. The last remnants are seen as magical objects and only a few of the chosen ones can be used. Some advanced technology, such as Cradle of Life, can only be used by The Last Oricru.

Impactful decisions

Huge decision tree where your decisions lead to a different outcome, affecting the story, characters, ending of the game, as well as level visuals or gameplay flow. Any action, submission, or death can affect your reputation with any faction. There are multiple ways to play The Last Oricru: befriend everyone or be the bad guy with all the consequences that entails.

Challenging Battles

The battles are complex and challenging and aim to create a grueling but rewarding experience. You can encounter several massive battles, in which you can influence already raging battles – take out enemy soldiers or come to their aid. Melee and ranged attacks, elemental damage (magic), and weight control offer a wide range of customization. Be prepared to die… A lot!

Bank Coop

The game offers many situations that can be solved differently in co-op than in the single player. You can find new fun ways to win in boss battles or reach special secret areas. At the end of the day, fighting is the bread and butter of any RPG, so for example if you play as a melee tank, while the second player plays magic support, you’ll have dozens of awesome hours of shared fun!

You read that right, couch co-op. I don’t know how that will affect the story. I often find that story aspects can be ruined by other people rushing things through. Luckily, when it’s couch co-op, you’ll have the other person by your side, within reach of your trusty dagger of silence and bloodshed. There’s a lot here that interests me, and while the quality is unknown, it will be until people can put the game into practice; what was shown attracted me.

The Last Oricru is slated for release on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series consoles sometime in 2022.

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