Sniper Elite is coming to VR

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The studios Only add water, Rebellion and washbasin will send you back during WWII in this new opus of the wise sniper elite. Available July 8, 2021 on Playstation 4 (PSVR), Oculus, and SteamVR. Can you fend off the Nazi threat from your beloved Italy?
Sniper Elite VR – Official Gameplay Trailer

Forza Italy:

The Nazis are approaching and are not there to drink a hot little Italian espresso. Italian partisan, accompanied by your brothers and sisters, you will unite and defend your country body and soul.

So you will not be in the shoes of the formidable soldier of the saga. The game takes place in 1943, just like Sniper Elite III.

With your helmet PSVR screwed on the head and your levers PS Move connected to it, you plunge into the chaos of WWII as if you were there yourself. In Sniper Elite VR, feel the sensations of immersion and precision. Your focus and patience will make all the difference against Hitler’s army.

Never change a winning team!

Sniper Elite VR will continue to commit what characterized the players and one of the things that made the charm of the saga. The KillCam in combination with the X-ray there will be in VR, giving you the joy of watching your enemies’ bones and organs crumble.

The title is open and offers you a certain strategic freedom, allowing you to find a shooting point or an ambush zone.

Free movement, joystick teleportation, inventory interaction point position control and hand shift can be customized to your liking and adapted to the way you play.

All that’s left is to cross your fingers so that the VR has been properly exploited in sniper elite and that the promises of the feeling of really having a sniper rifle in your hands are there!

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