Vampire the Masquerade Blood Hunts the Battle Royal

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Sharkmob presents its Battle Royale in the universe of Vampire the Masquerade, developed in full collaboration with the teams of World of Darkness (the universe in which Vampire takes place and other role-playing games).

For the first time in a video game, discover the war that vampires can wage. Vampire cults clash in the city of Prague, as the Second Human Inquisition has sent its intervention troops (we will note here that the story of the latest version of the role-playing game on the table seems to have been taken into account).

Announcement Trailer

This is a free to play third party game where you compete against gamers and computer controlled enemies to become the last vampire standing.

First teaser

Your hunting ground is Prague’s beautiful Old Town, modeled with high-fidelity graphics. Your character is customizable, allowing you to play as a vampire you created.

The team does not believe in “pay-to-win” or other mechanisms. She is working on this project with a player-oriented mindset.

More information will be revealed soon and the release is scheduled for the second half of 2021.

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