PS5 Stock UK: Latest Argos, Amazon and GAME PlayStation 5 Restock Dates

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New PS5 stock dates revealed (Image: SONY)

More major shipments and PS5 stock drops are slated for June, which could make 2021 one of the best months yet.

A new set of dates and times has been revealed giving the latest on when the next PlayStation 5 consoles will be available.

As always, there are multiple sources that share information and these should always be taken with a grain of salt.

This is because, while they may prove highly reliable, internal delays and changes could cause PS5 restock dates to change.

But even with this disclaimer, it should be noted that the earliest PS5 restock date appears to be Tuesday, June 15 in the UK.

And the good news is that three major retailers have been linked to restocks this week, meaning there are still thousands of consoles for sale.

From what’s been shared so far, GAME, Argos and Amazon UK will be dropping more PS5 stock this week, which could start on June 15.

These three retailers are linked to PlayStation drops this week, although these predictions include a range of dates.

As an example, the PS5 Instant Twitter account – known for sharing reliable information – provided this data:

ARGOS: PS5 stock drops between June 15 and June 17

AMAZON UNITED KINGDOM: PS5 stock drops between June 15 and June 23.

GAME: PS5 replenishment and pre-orders will go live between June 15 and June 23.

These restock events are expected to start in the morning, so gamers should be ready by 8am BST.

And as mentioned above, some of these PS5 additions could happen this week or the week after.

Meanwhile, the PS5 Stock Alert UK Twitter account has shared slightly different dates, including the following:

  • Amazon UK: June 14-17
  • Argos: June 15-16
  • ASDA: June 15-17
  • GAME: June 15-17
  • ShopTo: June 14-18
  • Smyths Toys: June 17-18

Based on these predictions, the earliest drop in PS5 stock could happen on Monday, June 14, but this remains unlikely.

A disclaimer to this week’s predictions reads: “As usual, these dates are not guaranteed. They are just predictions that we base on three things; our own resupply experience, past resupply patterns and a little insider knowledge.

“The two most likely retailers on this list that we strongly expect to drop are Argos and GAME.”

Here are a few examples of how best to try and buy a PlayStation 5 console from leading UK retailers:

AMAZON UNITED KINGDOM: Amazon UK works better under tension, but still has a few kinks worth noting. Creating an account with your card details is a good start, and gamers should also try adding a console to their wish list before checking out. More stock is expected before June 10.

ARGOS: The Argos website is notorious for crashing and not being able to complete purchases when there is a lot of site traffic. Inventory trackers recommend using the Argos mobile app and keeping an eye on local store listings. Argos is not expected to receive more stock until later in June.

GAME: GAME is a UK retailer offering the most regular stock updates for PS5 consoles. However, console hunters have been warned to use Guest Checkout as this option is less likely to crash when completing a purchase. GAME is expected to replenish the PlayStation 5 in the next seven days.

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