Dinosaurs Attack in Hatched Trailer

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A poster and trailer has been released for Scott Jeffrey and Rebecca J Matthews’ action thriller hatched who follows the military and their chief scientist in a race against time to stop a group of dinosaurs brought to life by an obsessive scientist before heading to the city and causing utter destruction; check them out here…


An obsessive scientist discovers a way to bring dinosaurs back to life, and when his family visits, they find him dead, eaten by his creations. Now the army and their chief scientist must figure out how to contain the dinosaurs and then destroy them before escaping and heading to the city where total destruction would take place.

hatched with Georgie Banks, Megan Purvis, Marshall Hawkes, Thomas Loone, Richard Kovacs, David Parkin, Nicole Nabi and Nicola Wright.

YouTube video

YouTube video

Hatched will be released on DVD and digitally on July 6.

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