Super Smash Bros. Ultimate presents Kazuya Mishima at Nintendo Direct E3 2021

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Here we are again, but this time for the real and only conference of theE3 2021 ! It’s the event of the moment around new video games. We watched the conference Nintendo Direct, who introduced us to the arrival of the Tekken character, Kazuya Mishima, certainly Super Smash Bros. ultimate.

Kazuya Mishima

So is the famous character of Tekken, Kazuya Mishima will integrate into the fighting game Super Smash Bros. ultimate. He will therefore find and fight Mario, Donkey Kong, Pac Man or Pikachu, among others.

He will therefore have his own attacks such as: Tsunami Kick, Searing Edge, Steel Pedal Drop, Crouch Spin Kick or the Gates of Hell.

The game is developed by nintendo; Kazuya Mishima will be available in-game with paid DLC on June 28, 2021.

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