TapTap 9.9 points adventure puzzle mobile game masterpiece “Legend of Tomb Raider: Lost” is online today on all platforms

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On June 21st, the turn-based puzzle-solving mobile game “Legend of Tomb Raider: The Lost”, developed by the Montreal studio of Square Enix and published by Shengqu Games, was officially announced on all platforms. With ingenious puzzle design, excellent music and sound effects and graphic performance, this boutique mobile game with a score of 9.9 on TapTap may once again drive the trend of puzzle-solving mobile games.

“Legend of Tomb Raider: Lost” officially launched today

20 years of development from games to movies makes “Tomb Raider” already deeply rooted in the hearts of the people

When it comes to the four words “Tomb Raider”, I believe many people think of the heroine of the game Laura Crawford the first time. As the first action-adventure game with a female character as the protagonist, the first generation of “Tomb Raider” creatively combined action, puzzle solving and exploration elements, which not only brought unprecedented game fun to the players of the year, but also created a New game genre. Since the launch of the first game in 1996, after more than 20 years of development, “Tomb Raider” has not only become one of the most well-known action-adventure game IP in the industry, but also Laura Crawford has become a member of the game player community. With super popular female characters, it has won the love of countless players.

In 2013, SQUARE ENIX launched “Tomb Raider 9” (“Tomb Raider”) was regarded as the “rebirth” of the “Tomb Raider” series, and was also called “the most successful game IP restart in history” by players. . Thanks to the excellent quality of the game, the global cumulative sales of the game exceeded 11 million in two years, which not only laid a solid foundation for the subsequent “Tomb Raider: Rise” and “Tomb Raider: Shadow” , And let more game fans feel the charm of this series.

The new image of Laura Crawford in “Tomb Raider 9” is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people

In addition to games, this IP has also launched many influential works in the fields of film and television, animation, comics, and novels. Under the influence of many works, “Tomb Raider” not only has many fans abroad, but also has a high reputation in China. For example, the movie “Tomb Raider: Battle of the Origins”, which was released in 2018 and starred by Alicia Vikander and Wu Yanzu, has a gross box office of more than 400 million yuan, of which 260 million yuan is contributed by Chinese fans of.

“Tomb Raider: Battle of the Origins” received 260 million yuan in box office in the Chinese market

It can be said that “Tomb Raider” is a heavyweight IP with huge influence for both Chinese game fans and movie fans. So what kind of game experience does the mobile game “Legend of Tomb Raider: Lost”, which is named “Tomb Raider” and is widely acclaimed on the TapTap platform, bring players?

“Legend of Tomb Raider: Lost” scored 9.9 points on TapTap

Continuation of the IP core characteristic turn-based puzzle gameplay brings a unique experience

As the second “GO” series launched by Montreal Studios after “Hitman GO”, “Lara Croft GO” (“Lara Croft GO”) continues the classic IP of “Tomb Raider” The core feature of adventure and puzzle solving. In this game, the player will explore the ancient civilization ruins with Laura over the mountains, cross various obstacles and death traps, and uncover the mystery of the lord Venom Queen hidden in the depths of the ruins.

Unlike the usual action-adventure gameplay of the “Tomb Raider” series, “Legend of Tomb Raider: Lost” adopts a turn-based + puzzle-solving game mechanism to bring players a different game experience. It is reported that, in order to remind players of how they felt when they played the first generation of “Tomb Raider”, the development team has made great efforts in the design of traps and mechanism puzzle solving. There are as many as 115 three-dimensional puzzles designed in the game, and players need to control Laura to move forward by sliding the screen. Only by making the right position at the right time can Laura avoid deadly organs and traps, eliminate the enemies blocking the road, and successfully reach the entrance to the next level.

“Legend of Tomb Raider: Lost” contains a large number of three-dimensional puzzles

It is worth mentioning that although this game is a turn-based game, many action elements are still incorporated into the game. In different map scenes, players can see that Laura can make actions such as rolling forward, sprinting, standing upside down while moving. When approaching the enemy from the back or side, Laura can even show the iconic flip shot to kill the enemy. At the same time, the game also contains certain collection elements. Players can unlock Lara’s new equipment and new outfits one by one by collecting the ancient relics hidden in each level.

There are still various action elements in the game

In addition to the unique gameplay, the picture and music sound effects of this game are also very good. The low-poly art style used in the game not only gives people a bright and fresh feeling, but the use of light and shadow also greatly highlights the characteristics of each scene. Whether it’s the dark and gloomy interior of the ruins, or the bright and wide forest valleys, every picture is so exquisite that it can be used as a wallpaper. In terms of music and sound effects, with the development of the story, the appearance of each theme BGM is just right. From the silence at the beginning to the excitement in the middle of the adventure, it can render an immersive atmosphere.

Light and shadow effects in the ruins cave

It is precisely because of its excellent quality that “Legend of Tomb Raider: Lost” has not only won a lot of praise from foreign users, but also won Apple’s 2015 Best Game of the Year, TGA2015 Best Mobile Game Award, and IGN 2015 Best Game of the Year. Best Mobile Game Award, Apple 2016 Game Design Award and many other honors. When it won the Apple 2016 Game Design Award, Apple commented that it was “ingenious but still true. Players need to carefully calculate every step, travel through dense forests and catacombs, carefully avoid deadly traps, eliminate pythons and solve other problems. , The thrilling brings a full sense of accomplishment. The beautiful picture reproduces the majestic world of “Tomb Raider”. The hidden holy objects and Laura’s double guns will make fans understand. Smile.” The original core and unique innovation make this exquisite mobile game interpret another wonderful adventure of Laura.

Shengqu Games once again join hands with SQUARE ENIX to seek market segment opportunities

In recent years, as more and more console game IPs have been adapted into mobile games, it shows that game IP adaptation products are still the hottest buns in the game market. As a game company with a lot of game IP reserves, Shengqu Games is constantly expanding its product line, while also introducing and developing more overseas IP through cooperation, so as to lay out more subdivided game categories. It is understood that in addition to the well-known IPs such as “Castlevania (Japanese name: 悪魔城ドラキュラ)” and “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure” announced last year, Shengqu Games has launched “The Elder Scrolls: Blade” and “Love Live” this year. ! “School Idol Season: Stars Shining” and other big IP agency products.

This time, Shengqu Games DNA Studio chose to introduce “Legend of Tomb Raider: Lost” into the country. On the one hand, it is based on the previous in-depth cooperation between Shengqu Games and Square Enix, and successfully operated the “Diffusion Million” as an agent. Classic games such as “King Arthur” and “Final Fantasy 14” have rich experience in overseas product distribution and operation, and have certain advantages in IP creation. On the other hand, because puzzle-solving and adventure games are still a niche category in China, and there is a lack of explosive products in recent years, boutique games are needed to stimulate the user market. “Legend of the Tomb Raider: Lost” has excellent quality and good reputation, and has a large IP fan base in China, allowing more domestic players to contact and understand the charm of “Tomb Raider”.

With the official launch of “Legend of Tomb Raider: Lost”, it marks that another pawn in the market segment of Shengqu game has fallen. What kind of performance this game can have, let us wait and see.

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