Android CRASHING without explanation and phone owners are rightly furious

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Google Pixel, Motorola and Samsung smartphone owners have all been affected by the annoying glitch (Image: GOOGLE • GETTY • SAMSUNG)

Android smartphones around the world repeatedly crash without explanation. The annoying glitch has impacted people with Google Pixel, Samsung, and Motorola handsets, though it’s possible other brands have also been affected by the mind-boggling new bug. When the glitch occurs, some smartphones display a notification with the simple statement “Google keep stopping”. Since that is not the case really offer a lot of explanation about the strange behavior, making the phone borderline unusable, users are quite angry.

The issue appears to be linked to the Google app, which provides a one-tap shortcut to the latest headlines and forecasts, Google searches, and more. However, a series of Google-designed apps that come pre-installed with the Android operating system are also affected by the issues. For example, some Android fans have also complained about crashes with the Google Podcasts app. Some also no longer have access to the chatty Google Assistant, which allows users to set timers, check traffic conditions, answer general knowledge questions and control smart home appliances with a voice command. Android Auto, which brings your smartphone to the infotainment system in your car, is also out of order.

Despite the wide variety of apps affected by the “Google keeps stopping bug”, everything seems to be related to a single glitch.

The problem appears to be related to an upgrade made by Google last night. After updating to version of the Google app, Android users have seen the application crashing every few minutes, even if users don’t try to launch the software. While the other apps that suffered from the mind-boggling crash bug, such as Google Podcasts, didn’t receive an update last night, they all take advantage of features in the Google app.

If you depend on your Android phone for work, drive with turn-by-turn directions, or just want to listen to a podcast on your way to work this morning, the latest outage is quite frustrating. Unsurprisingly, social media is flooded with users who are quite upset about the situation.

Some Android users have suggested that restarting their handset has solved the problem. That said, a seemingly equal number of people have complained that restarting their handset does nothing for the annoying bug.

It’s been a rough few months for Android users. In March, another system-wide outage caused widespread crashes for all Android users. Worse, Google couldn’t fix the problem for users with an automatic update, Android device owners had to install the updates themselves. The issue at the time was linked to the Android System webview tool, which handsets use to display websites in their apps, so it’s not related to the latest outage.

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