Marvel’s Avengers Releases Hotfix After Update Shows PS5 Users’ IP Addresses Publicly

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On Monday, Marvel’s Avengers game developers launched a new update that introduced some exciting features such as the Cosmic Threat event, a fresh villain battle, and other game enhancements. However, PlayStation 5 users who downloaded patch 1.80 experienced an unexpected setback. The patch apparently contained a bug that resulted in a string of code displaying on the screen, revealing the user’s IP address and username. This glitch was first reported by Forbes’ Paul Tassi, causing alarm among players who were concerned about their online privacy.

The recent issue where IP addresses of players were being exposed in Marvel’s Avengers game was a cause of concern as it could be misused by malicious parties for cyberattacks or identity theft. The game developer, Crystal Dynamics, quickly assured that a fix would be released by 8 a.m. PT and advised PS5 players to refrain from streaming the game until the issue was resolved. Although there hasn’t been any official announcement yet, several players on Reddit and Discord have reported that the solution for the IP problem has silently disappeared.

The latest update for the Avengers game brings exciting new content for players. There are two new sectors to explore: Beating the bad guys and Cosmic Threat. In the first sector, players will follow the Avengers as they track down Monica’s secret weapon, the cosmic cube, through tracing cosmic energy. However, the Scientist Supreme has plans for an imperfect future, which the Avengers must stop. Beating the Odds is a new Villain Sector with a unique villain fight that promises to keep players on their toes.

The Cosmic Threat Event will start on June 24th and last until July 8th, in line with the new Villain Sector. The event is packed with modified missions that will take players to different Threat Sectors all over the world. To make things even more exciting, players will be infused with Cosmic energy that packs a mean punch.

Lastly, players will be happy to know that the number of Heroic Gloves needed to complete the Mega Hive has been decreased from 8 to 4. This change makes it easier for players to complete the Mega Hive, one of the game’s most challenging missions.

Marvel’s Avengers is now available on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, and PS5.

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