Lemnis Gate Gameplay Live Stream Summary

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The first gameplay live stream for Lemnis Gate has ended, giving us a closer look at the turn-based first person shooter. The livestream shows of Retrieve XM and Seek and Destroy game modes and a first look at the gameplay.

Lemnis Gate is a turn-based first-person shooter where each match takes place in the same 25-second time loop. Thus, players will take turns acting as agents in the time loop, forming unique strategies and playing against each other in an attempt to complete the objective.

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Get XM

Retrieve XM is a game mode similar to “Capture the Flag” in other first person shooters. However, in Lemnis Gate there are four objectives on the map and the objective is to capture as many of these XM objectives as possible.

Whoever has collected the most XM at the end of the last round is considered the winner for that half. The score is added up and the game moves on to the second half. In the second half, the other player goes first.

Search and destroy

Seek and Destroy is a game mode that is pretty much self-explanatory: one player has to defend his target while the other tries to destroy it. The attacking player goes first. After the first half, the players switch sides between offensive and defensive.

Lemnis Gate Gameplay Live Stream
Credit: border developments

Lemnis Gate gameplay

At the start of a round, it is one player’s turn, while the other player takes control of a reconnaissance drone, which allows the player to freely navigate and view the map, tracking the enemy player’s movements.

Essentially, during these 25 seconds, the player whose turn it is takes a series of actions that will be repeated over and over in future rounds.

Once it’s the player’s turn, the spectator can watch the turn repeatedly (imagine using a replay feature similar to other games). The spectators have a limited amount of time to watch their turn to formulate a plan as to what they will do during their turn.

Lemnis Gate Gameplay Live Stream
Credit: border developments

After the spectator has finished watching the replay, they can select the employee to use for this turn. Then that player makes his move and records the actions for all subsequent turns.

While it is the player’s turn, the opponent has a chance to watch.

In the live stream for the Retrieve XM game mode, we see the red player grab a target in the center of the map, return it to its “gate” (the player’s base in this game, where they have to return the target), and then throw grenades at the gate of the enemy.

Lemnis Gate Gameplay Live Stream
Credit: border developments

During the blue team’s turn, they rush to the center, kill Red’s character, take the target for themselves, and return it to their gate. They then spend the rest of their turn throwing grenades into places they predict the opponent will pass or refuse.

When it’s Red’s turn again, they select an employee to provide shields (think Zarya’s bubbles from Overwatch), so they give a shield on their previous turn, which barely protects them from dying, preventing the blue player from taking the target and Red’s first turn is possible to continue normally.

Lemnis Gate Gameplay Live Stream
Credit: border developments

On Blue’s next turn, they fire an explosive at the center target, which again deals enough damage to kill Red’s first turn. On the same turn, we see Blue make a mistake and fall off the map, resetting their position at the gate, while the turn continues normally.

The game gets incredibly chaotic in the third round because there are up to 6 agents running around. There are also cases where a little bit of damage makes a huge difference, as an agent surviving an attack with low health or just dying can have a huge impact on the entire flow of the game.

Watch the full Lemnis Gate gameplay livestream to the Seek and Destroy game mode in action.


Different employees have different skills, making them better suited for certain tasks. Rush, for example, has excellent mobility and speed, which is perfect for taking out an opponent quickly or quickly grabbing a goal and scoring.

Lemnis Gate Gameplay Live Stream
Credit: border developments

In the live stream, which uses an early build of the game, there are 7 agents to choose from. Players can also select randomly if they wish. In addition, if a player uses a collaborator for a round, that collaborator cannot be used by the same player in subsequent rounds.


An open beta is scheduled for July, with a full release date of August 3, 2021. If you pre-order the game before the release date, you’ll get a 20% discount and free cosmetics for KARL, one of the contributors.

Lemnis Gate Gameplay Live Stream
Credit: border developments

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