Overwatch crossplay explained: Crossplay, aim assist, competitive pools use pool

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Overwatch Crossplay News and Competitive Update (Image: BLIZZARD)

Overwatch Crossplay has started and gamers are now using it to play with other gamers on Nintendo, PS4, Xbox One and PC.

And while Blizzard makes it possible to play together, they put limits on what can be done.

This includes how players can use Overwatch crossplay and what options will be available during the beta.

Most gamers have taken the first step of creating a Battle.Net account so they can play online again.

The next bit is a bit more interesting, as Blizzard has installed rules about how crossplay works with aim assist and what competitive gameplay options are available.


After installing the latest Overwatch update, you should be automatically placed in games with crossplay gamers.

From what has been shared so far, crossplay is automatically enabled for all users by default.

For those who decide they want to opt out of the cross-play feature, they should head over to the Overwatch in-game menu.

It should be noted that PC players are currently unable to opt out of crossplay and this does not appear to have changed.

That probably explains why gamers want to learn more about how Overwatch Crossplay works in regards to Competitive and Aim Assist.

A Blizzard post explains: “If you add a friend through the Overwatch game, they will become your Battle.net friend. If you want to add a friend on the same console without them being a Battle.net friend, you can you can use your console’s native social menus.

“Crossplay is currently in beta. The Overwatch development team is monitoring the feedback and will try to improve the feature in the future.

“Cross-Play is automatically enabled for all users by default. If you decide you want to opt out of the cross-play feature, you can do so through the Overwatch in-game menu or in your console’s system settings for Xbox. PC players cannot opt ​​out of cross-play.”

The good news for PC gamers concerned about playing through Competitive without Aim Assist opponents is that Competitive is the only one without Crossplay.

Competitive players are split into two pools depending on the system you play on: 1) console players and 2) PC players.

To maintain balance, PC players and console players are not mixed in the same pool for competitive matches.

Console Aim Assist is disabled by default when you form a group with a PC player to level the game during the match.

Meanwhile, Overwatch Aim assist is enabled for all console vs console matchups during the beta.

As always, this all comes with some important disclaimers regarding the current Overwatch beta.

As with all testing periods, Blizzard may choose to change these rules regarding Aim Assist, Competitive and Crossplay in the future.

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