Free Mario Kart Live Update Adds Mario Cup, Yoshi Kart . please

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Free Mario Kart Live Update Adds Mario Cup, Yoshi Kart .  please

There’s more to do in Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit, the Nintendo Switch game that features a real remote-controlled car as a peripheral. Nintendo released a patch with new content for the game. Once you grab the free one Mario Kart Live update, you can challenge the Mario Cup and earn a Yoshi kart.

The Mario Cup can be found in the Mario Kart Live Grand Prix mode. There are three new “track” options with it. You will race through Slick Circuit, Barrel Temple and Fossil Fields if you select it. The first includes many oil slicks, which can obstruct your view. The second throws barrel obstacles in the way. The latter has a fossil theme.

Here’s a closer look at the new content.

As for the Yoshi kart, it’s a new one Mario Kart Live cosmetic option. (You can earn new karts, outfits for Mario, and additional horn sounds in the game.) Nintendo has revealed that people who download the update, challenge Mario Cup and reach at least third place will earn the kart. You can then use it in every possible course in the game.

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit Mario and Luigi bundles and the new free update are available now. People who need more arrows and gates can print these.

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