Humble Bundle Sliders changes will result in a 15-30% minimum

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Humble Bundle Sliders changes will result in a 15-30% minimum

Again, Humble Bundle announced it will change the sliders that let people control how much money from their purchases goes to charities, developers and publishers, and Humble Bundle itself. While in the past people could choose to give 100% to, for example, a charity or the creator of a game, this will not be possible from mid-July 2021. While there is no exact launch date for the change yet, it will mean a 15-30% minimum for categories.

The announcement contained a brief explanation of how the change will be implemented and a justification. It noted that the minimum amounts will vary from bundle to bundle. As for why it changed, it cited an ability to “invest” in content with the cut and the need to “evolve”. It also noted that there will be some “100% Charity Bundles”.

This comes initially after the company tried to set new minimums in April 2021. It first announced that the Humble Bundle sliders would be completely removed and instead offer “defined amounts.” A sample image at the time suggested standard donation and additional charitable options. The first, for a $25 opt-in, would have given $21.25 to the publisher, $1.25 to charities and $2.50 to Humble. The latter showed in the sample $20 to the publisher, $3.75 to charity, and $1.25 to Humble for “extra charity.”

When people expressed their dismay at the removal of the Humble Bundle sliders, the company said changed his position in May 2021. It said it would keep the sliders as usual. However, it also noted in that update that it would still change how the splits between companies, charities, and Humble Bundle would work.

Humble Bundle is a subsidiary of Ziff Davis. The company acquired the distributor in 2017. It is the same company that also owns IGN and PC magazine.

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