EE customers face controversial price hikes this month, but there’s an easy way to beat them

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EE will soon start charging for data roaming (Image: GETTY)

There’s bad news for EE customers this month: The UK network is cutting controversial charges for using devices in Europe. Currently Britons can use their UK allowance when traveling in the EU without fear of higher bills when they get home, but that is all going to change with the introduction of a £2 per day allowance.

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EE 5G SIM only deal

EE offers a 5G-ready SIM card with 160GB of data for £20 per month. There’s also unlimited calls and texts plus six months of free Apple Music.

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While the new rates won’t take effect until January 2022, the change in EE’s terms and conditions will take effect from July 7.

So what does this actually mean and how can you avoid paying the new £2 charge when you travel?

EE has said the new rules only apply to new customers who join the network or existing users who switch to a new deal after the July deadline.

That means, as long as you buy a new contract now or switch to something else before next Wednesday, you won’t be fined for messaging and checking Facebook by the pool.

If your first deal is up and you don’t mind keeping your current device, now is actually a pretty good time to opt for a new SIM card.

EE has a number of offerings, including one that offers 160GB of 5G data for £20.

If you act fast, you can use that high-speed Internet access without paying anything extra when you go abroad.

About the changes, an EE spokesperson said: “From January next year, EE will introduce a new flat charge of £2 per day for customers wishing to roam in 47 European destinations (excluding ROI which is included in domestic plans), giving them the be able to use the full data, minutes and SMS allowance of their subscription.This only applies to new and upgrading customers who sign up to EE from 7th July 2021 and supports investments in our UK-based customer service and our industry-leading network in the UK.

“Customers who travel abroad for longer can use a Roam Abroad Pass for 30 days. Customers with an Essential subscription can take the Pass for £10, while customers with a Smart or Full Works subscription can purchase the same pass as part of their subscription.”

If your current deal doesn’t expire until after July 7, EE says you can add a Smart Benefit when buying a new SIM card or new contract, which can then be used to get free data when you travel.

Here are all countries where EU roaming charges apply

Austria • Azores • Belgium • Bulgaria • Croatia • Cyprus (excluding Northern Cyprus) • Czech Republic • Canary Islands

Denmark • Estonia • Finland • France • French Guiana • Germany • Gibraltar • Greece • Guadeloupe • Guernsey • Hungary. Iceland • Isle of Man

Italy • Jersey • Latvia • Liechtenstein • Lithuania • Luxembourg • Madeira • Malta • Martinique

Mayotte • Monaco • Netherlands • Norway • Poland • Portugal • Réunion Islands • Romania

San Marino • Saint Martin (French) • Saint Barthélemy • Slovakia • Slovenia

Spain • Sweden • Switzerland • Vatican City (Italy).

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