Top-down shooter Space Punks announced for PC and consoles

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Jagex Partners and Polish developer Flying Wild Hog have announced their latest game, Space punks. This top-down shooter RPG is the first title from Jagex Partners and will be in Early Access for PC on July 14 and on consoles in 2022. A new trailer has been released (see below) that gives a taste of the loot-shooting action.

Space Punks takes players across the galaxy in a unique sci-fi environment where they can choose from four different characters for crazy over-the-top action. Players will seek fame and fortune by entering into lucrative contracts on distant planets. There is a variety of different weapons and equipment that players can use to eradicate a variety of monsters, aliens, and faulty robots.

The game is designed so that each location visited is a living, breathing and ever-changing world where everything is unexpected and exciting.

YouTube video

Flying Wild Hog and Jagex Partners present Space Punks, a co-op action RPG entering Early Access on PC on July 14, 2021. Get ready to rip a new space!

Space Punks will bring action and excitement to players on PC and consoles. Look out for the game in Early Access starting July 4 and an open beta this winter on PC and a console release in 2022.

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