Android phones will soon show if you have been vaccinated against Covid

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Android users can quickly show that they have been vaccinated against Covid (Image: GOOGLE)

Android devices have started receiving a new feature that shows if users have received the Covid-19 jab. The Mountain View company unveiled in a blog post that they have started rolling out a new feature called COVID maps. Google describes this as a “simple and secure” way to access Covid-19 vaccination and testing information.

COVID maps can be accessed via a shortcut on an Android home screen and are visible even when a device is offline.

The feature works on a wide range of Android devices, with support for Android 5 and above.

You also don’t need to install the Google Pay app to access COVID cards.

Google outlined the new feature in a blog post: “Starting today, developers from healthcare organizations, government agencies, and organizations authorized by public health authorities to distribute COVID vaccines and/or tests can access these APIs to create a digital version of COVID-19.” vaccination or testing information.”

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The COVID Maps feature is only available in the US to begin with, but is rolling out to other countries.

COVID cards include the patient’s name, the type of vaccine they received, and the dates of the doses.

It will also display a QR code and further details such as the vaccine supplier and dose lot number.

Google also said: “The user’s COVID vaccination and testing information is stored on their Android device. If a user wants to access this information on multiple devices, the user must manually save it on each device. Google does not keep a copy of the user’s COVID vaccination or testing information.”

Google said that COVID maps are not shared by Google with its various services or third parties and are not used for advertising.

They also said that a lock screen is required to use the COVID map feature.

This is for added security and to protect personal information.

The new Android COVID cards feature

New Android COVID Cards feature has started rolling out (Image: GOOGLE)

Google continued: “If a user wants to access their COVID card, they will be asked for the password, PIN or biometric method set for their Android device.”

In the UK, vaccine status can also be accessed via the official NHS app.

This gives quick access to the NHS Covid Pass feature, which appears to be used at large-scale events.

Wimbledon, which is now underway, requires proof that a participant has been double vaccinated, has a negative lateral flow test or a positive PCR test.

And this critical health information can be found in the NHS app.

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