After playing the nonsensical marketing to the extreme, the one-year-old “The Strongest Snail” has been reorganized for the players?

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GameLook report/I probably never thought about it before that a game can become a “dark horse”. Even more unexpectedly, this “strongest snail”, which reveals nonsensical temperament from the inside to the outside, has been liked by players for a whole year.

Almost everyone remembers that last summer vacation, a collection and development mobile game built by the original team of “Unbelievable Labyrinth” that took three years and adopted a placement gameplay-“The Strongest Snail” turned out.

At that time, the game quickly attracted a large number of young players who also liked new things and did not take the usual path by relying on the leisurely decompressed placement gameplay, as well as spoof movies, animation, games and other classic bridge segments. On the first day of launch, it rushed to the App Store free list 1st and 5th bestseller list, the speed is no less than any masterpiece.

After that, “The Strongest Snail” achieved a turnover of over 100 million in less than half a month, and was once ranked second on the iOS best-selling list, and then steadily stabilizing the TOP30 best-selling list, becoming one of the biggest dark horses last year.

Now after a whole year of playing funny, this amazing game has passed the important milestone of its first anniversary. But after all, it is burdened with the nonsensical “live” gene. Unsurprisingly, “The Strongest Snail” seems to bring some new tricks to players on the anniversary.

In and out of the game, there is constant activity, and familiar content marketing is out

In fact, as early as June 25, the one-month anniversary of “The Strongest Snail” has officially started. Along with this, there is the long-awaited new version of the anniversary celebration “The Oriole’s Counterattack”.

In other words, when a new player creates a new character, he can choose the Oriole as the protagonist and experience the relevant new gameplay. In addition, the game has added two new contents: Alien Gods Domain and Species Atlas. In the later stage, the veteran players can use the species map system to unlock the racial characteristics and experience related functions of the Oriole.

At the same time, the official also naturally prepared an anniversary limited-time gameplay such as “Anniversary Boost” and “Snail’s Journey”, as well as providing rich benefits such as daily booster packs, exclusive gifts for oriole birds, and double bonus BUFF during the event. Attempts to attract new and old players to participate through these “capable” diversified activities.

However, if you only impress players with in-game benefits and new gameplay content, it does not conform to the nonsensical marketing style of “The Strongest Snail”. Indeed, a package of “Snail Faner” anniversary announcements has been steadily rolled out outside the game.

In order to warm up for the anniversary in advance, Guanyi cooperated with Legend of Phoenix to launch a magical new song, “Legend of Orioles”, long before the new version of the game and activities went live. As always, the song and music style of the ghost animal, coupled with the “too many elements” budget MV of 100 yuan, under the peculiar chemical reaction immediately attracted many players to directly call “good guy, I am a good guy”.

On the other hand, the anniversary animation “Birthday Wonderful Night” and the series of short films “Worthy of a Snail” were released, trying to reach a wider range of new users by continuing the funny style of game play. However, from the perspective of playback volume, the “Yehqinghui” series released after the official release is obviously more popular with young users.

Whether it is the silly girl and Lu Xiaoqian who came to 2021, the “what do you think” Yuan Fang, or the still “peerless” Pomegranate sister. Or they may be forced to re-sing “The strongest snail is good, really good” “Shaolin Football” big brother… They all met with fans again during the anniversary, and completed another veritable “Ye Qinghui”. Naturally, it was quickly loved by young users who are in love with feelings, and the broadcast volume of a single video at station B is as high as 2.34 million.

Offline, the two main protagonists of the game, Snail and Oriole, also boarded the naked-eye 3D big screen in Taikoo Li, Chengdu many times at the end of June to celebrate the game’s birthday. Trying to attract more young users’ attention through continuous exposure at the online celebrity check-in points.

Obviously, “The Strongest Snail”, which combines various elements that young people love to meet the needs of core players, once again achieved content marketing out of the circle.

After going online for a year, where does the snail win?

In fact, looking back on the performance of “The Strongest Snail” since its launch a year ago, this is not so much a game, but more like a large-scale nonsense sitcom dressed in a game coat.

From the content point of view, the game tells the story of a weak snail played by the player, who eventually surpassed all races through his own efforts and became the strongest creature. However, when I first met Gaia, the god of the earth in the game, the phrase “As long as you keep krypton gold and exercise yourself, you have a chance to defeat them”, this is obviously not a “serious” game, and it is The content design of the game is also particularly obvious.

For example, the legendary British sword, the sword spirit of the sword in the stone, was spoofed as a greasy choreographer in the game; while passing through Kanagawa, the Xiangbei group of five also came to snipe the snail and so on. It is this small detail of inadvertently inserting the stubborn egg into the game, which makes the old players knowingly smile “This is the game Peter made.”

Of course, this kind of careful detail design is also reflected in the game marketing link. Compared with the traditional buying volume of “large and wide”, the “strongest snail” that announced the “self-contained road” pays more attention to how to win at the starting line, that is, in the acquisition link, players will feel the game’s weird and nonsensical style.

It can be seen that although the purchase intensity is not as strong as the purchase of large factories, the official has been quite attentive in marketing investment, and it is still unique.

Soon after the game went live, “The Strongest Snail” invited two major domestic comedy teams, the original crew of “Unexpectedly” and Lu Zhengyu, to shoot special commercials that fit the product style, which immediately attracted the attention of large waves of users. Almost at the same time, on the Douyin platform, the official broadcast volume of “wo’s high-energy moment” related topics was as high as 13 billion.

After that, the game insisted on keeping up with the hot spots of the Internet, inviting KOLs from various fields, including handicraftsman, macho dance troupe, and Liangfeng Kaze, to continue to release videos and information about “The Strongest Snail”, and to ensure that the game is relatively high through certain user discussions User stickiness.

Not only that, but in less than half a year, the “restless” game has released another weird trick. In October last year, “The Strongest Snail” cooperated with singer Tengger to temper the nursery rhyme “Snail and Oriole”, using magical melody to interpret the classic nursery rhyme, and the open contrast of the brain also collided with exaggerated effects.

At the beginning of this year, the game continued to be linked with the popular movie “Chinatown Detective 3” and the animation “Wu Liuqi”. The dream linkage of the powerful combination also caused many heated discussions among players at that time.

From GameLook’s point of view, by appropriately combining hot spots, the game has repeatedly resonated with players with content marketing that young people love to hear, and then has a viral effect. And this is also the biggest promoter of “The Strongest Snail” that has been able to repeatedly out of the circle in the past year.

Can I play for a year?Success comes from understanding young people carefully

Of course, funny things are not the only advantage of any game. Relying on the gameplay brought by a large number of game stalks, it is indeed easy to attract players’ attention in the early stage. However, when the freshness is over, it is actually difficult to bring players the fun of the game for a long time. But “The Strongest Snail” has been able to play this seemingly simple nonsensical style for a year, and the momentum is still there. In the final analysis, there is one reason:

Perhaps no one is better at understanding young people than “The Strongest Snail”.

Since its launch, “The Strongest Snail”, which has been running wild on the road to funny, even the linkage objects outside the game are slightly “nonsense”. Tengger, “Wu Liuqi”, “Chinatown Detective 3″…These characters and IPs that seem to be very different and have no intersection actually hide the same logic: that is, they are loved by young people.

Sure enough, we once again underestimated the observational power of “The Strongest Snail” on young people: when you are on the second floor, it is already on the fifth floor. It is precisely after precise insight into the preferences of young people that the game once again played a trick on content marketing during the anniversary.

If we say that the publicity and distribution routines of “The Strongest Snail” are still a little immature, then the series of marketing strategies for the anniversary celebrations today are undoubtedly sophisticated.

First of all, for the old players who accompanied the first anniversary of the game, in addition to all the big moves in the game, the official also produced the animation “Birthday Wonderful Night”, the special anniversary short film “Worthy of a snail”, a review of the first anniversary events, etc. The series does not lose the “inner taste” of the sentiment card, and achieves emotional resonance with the old players to the greatest extent.

On the other hand, “The Strongest Snail”, which has an in-depth understanding of the preferences of young users, once again grasped the theme of “Ye Qinghui” that netizens are keen to talk about, and made a number of “memory killing” short films based on this. And with the help of the B station where a large number of young groups gather for centralized exposure, in a familiar way, as much as possible to achieve exposure among as many new users as possible.

But relying on a single online game is obviously not mature enough, and the game has naturally found an online celebrity popular among young people-Chengdu Taikoo Li, the naked-eye 3D big screen. Through online + offline dual channels, we try to capture the attention of younger users on a larger scale as much as possible.

It is not difficult to find that thanks to the continuation of the game from the inside of the game to the outside of the game, the game continues to convey the charm of nonsensical in an intimate manner. At the same time, whether it is to attract new users through the “Ye Qinghui” series or to empathize with old players at an anniversary event, the game of insight into players undoubtedly captures the more critical part, that is, the emotional appeal that young people value.

Undoubtedly, not only is it easy to play, but it is also becoming more proficient in content marketing to understand young people’s games.

Concluding remarks

The first anniversary is the first true milestone for every game. But from another perspective, this is actually more like a brand new starting point.

One year after the freshness of the funny style should have passed, it is surprising enough that we can still see “The Strongest Snail” active in front of players. In the future, this “unusual” game that has been constantly refreshing our knowledge since its launch, and what surprises it will continue to bring in the future, we will wait and see.

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