Apex Legends has been hacked

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Imagine sitting down and opening Apex Legends for a few matches, only to get the message “SAVE TITANFALL” on your screen and without being able to select the game mode, yes it’s hacked. Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale game has been made temporarily unplayable by some hackers. Initially, only PC players experienced the problem, but it seems that consoles have also been affected.

So what do we know about this hack?

We only know the question. The hackers appear to be protesting the servers of the first Titanfall game being made unplayable by a hacker. The crazy thing about this was that apparently it’s been going on for a while. And Respawn hasn’t really done anything about it. In fact, the game is still for sale and even for sale. While I can understand why that would be frustrating for many, it seems unreasonable to hack the game to get a message like that across. But against all odds, it seems to work. People are talking about it.

If you’ve recently played Apex Legends, you may have gotten the “important message” asking you to visit a website about saving Titanfall. Some guarantee that the website is safe as the owners and creators of the website are not the hackers. They are also well-known members of the Titanfall community. However, I personally cannot recommend that you visit this website as I have not confirmed for myself whether this website is really safe or not.

There is a way around it, according to some. By closing the game and selecting a different server, you can eventually get into a game yourself. I can’t fully vouch for this as I tried it myself and wasn’t so lucky.

According to online conversations, the hack appears to be harmless. Again, I cannot vouch for this. But for now, no one is reporting anything about stealing their personal credentials.

At the time of writing this article, Respawn Entertainment has made no statements about hacking Apex Legends. They’re probably working on it. And hopefully they will find a solution soon. This isn’t the first blunder this season when it comes to the game’s playability, as Apex Legends’ servers were unplayable for hours at the start of Season Ninth.

This will undoubtedly damage their reputation as the inability to protect their own game from hackers can lead to doubt and trust issues if our financial transactions are safe with them.

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