Patty Jenkins Updates Star Wars: Rogue Squadron

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From her polarizing movie Wonder Woman 1984, Patty Jenkins is getting ready to make a new entry into the world of Star Wars. Jenkins’ Star Wars: Rogue Squadron will mark the next official Star Wars feature film, and the filmmaker is apparently having the time of her life.

In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Patty Jenkins expressed her joy in discussing the film’s development thus far:

“It’s going great. I was on it for six months before I even announced that, so we’re pretty deep into it,” says Jenkins. “We’re finishing a script, working together and it’s all going great. I am so excited about the story and excited that we are the next chapter of Star Wars, which is such a responsibility and such an opportunity to really start new things. That way it is very exciting.”


We know other directors have had issues with Disney and Lucasfilm disrupting the filmmaking process – see Solo and Rogue One — but it seems Jenkins isn’t facing the same issues right now. She also says develop Star Wars: Rogue Squadron is very different from her previous projects.

“It’s a very different way of working. I’m on the phone with all of them and doing Zoom meetings with everyone involved in Star Wars always.” She continues, “I’m free to do whatever story we want to do, but you really need to know who’s done what, who’s doing what, where it’s going and how it’s working, and what designs have been before It’s a completely different way of working that I’m working on.”

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Star Wars: Rogue Squadron is scheduled to release on Christmas Day 2023.

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