Recurring Update 1.4.1 Patch Notes: PS5 Download Fixes Corrupted Save File Issue

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Returnal gets another update on PS5 (Image: SONY)

Returnal developer Housemarque has released a brand new update for PlayStation 5.

Announced last week, update 1.4.1 will finally be available for download starting at 10:00 AM UK time.

The latest Returnal update isn’t huge, but it does fix some of the game’s more annoying issues.

This includes a particularly problematic issue that can lead to save game corruption in rare circumstances.

Trophy hunters will also be happy to learn that the ‘Atropian Survival’, ‘Welcome Home’ and ‘Sins of the Mother’ trophies can be unlocked by replaying the end of Act 3.

Housemarque – which was recently bought by Sony – has also addressed some of the issues with Daily Challenges.

The studio has fixed an issue where players could not complete a daily challenge in the broken trash, as well as an issue with spawning loot in the daily challenge.

Finally, Housemarque fixed an intermittent visual problem when scanning new items.

You can check out the full list of patch notes for Returnal update 1.4.1 below…

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Return Update 1.4.1 Patch Notes…

• Platinum: “Atropian Survival”, “Welcome Home” and “Sins of the Mother” trophies can now be unlocked by replaying the end of Act 3

• Daily Challenge: Fixed a rare issue where players may not be able to complete a daily challenge in the broken garbage

• Daily Challenge: Fixed an occasional issue with incorrect loot spawning in the Daily Daily Challenge

• Fixed an issue that could lead to corruption of the save game in rare cases

• Fixed an intermittent visual issue when scanning a new item

In case you missed it at launch, Returnal is a PlayStation 5 shooter developed by Sony’s first-party studio Housemarque.

In the highly atmospheric game, an explorer crashes into a mysterious alien planet that changes after every death.

“After crash-landing on a shape-shifting alien planet, Selene must fight tooth and nail to survive. She is defeated time and time again, forced to start her journey every time she dies,” reads the official description of returnal.

“In this roguelike shooter, both the planet and your gear change with each cycle, forcing you to adapt your playstyle and take on changing challenges.”

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