Game Update: Necromunda Hired Gun Update 1.004 Patch Notes Details

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Necromunda Hired Gun was updated to version 1.004 by Streum On Studio today. The full patch notes for this update can be seen below.

The second patch for Necromunda Hired Gun is now available and contains a number of changes. In addition to many bug fixes, in this version the developers focused on improving the stability of the game and drastically reducing stuttering. The patch is now available on Steam, EGS, PS5 and PS4. Xbox consoles and GOG versions will be available soon.

Necromunda Hired Gun Update 1.004 Patch Notes Notes

New functions

  • Added new dialogue when exiting a trade store
  • Eschers no longer have Cameleolin (invisible effect) except the Boss
  • New NPC Melee Attack Variation
  • New sound for overloaded cells (plasma gun and pistol)
  • New sound for grenade launcher Proximity grenade and high explosive grenades
  • Weapon reloads automatically when empty after switching weapons
  • If a player holds the ADS button while reloading or other operation, he should automatically return to ADS
  • Added options to disable the visor and overview of enemies
  • Added a recoil animation when ripping a shield off an Orlock with the grapnel

Bug fixes and stability

  • Global improvements in game stability
  • Stuttering should be reduced a lot, even if it’s still a work in progress
  • AI improvements to limit the instances where enemies hang out without trying to fight
  • Fixed a focus issue in the dialogue when the bartender and Kal are side by side
  • Fixed player arms and legs that could have an issue when dying while performing a takedown or using shock power
  • Archeotechs info now correctly displays a damage count instead of a damage range
  • Loot Bonuses: The % removed because it is not technically a percentage
  • Avarus: When the player enters wrong coordinates, the hoist will move to the wrong coordinates before the alarm goes off
  • Players are no longer allowed to get stuck in chests
  • Fix a bug when Strength Booster was still active at the end of a mission
  • Adjusted the “mask effect” of the voice to restore some mid/low frequencies and get better clarity in the dialogue
  • Different solutions for takedowns when the player and the enemy are not on the same height

To balance

  • Balancing on some mastiff implants and big NPC HPs
  • The mastiff now attacks itself in a larger area
  • Increased range of Goliath rocket launchers

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