Genshin Impact 2.0 Reveals Livestream Rumored to Have Cross-Saves This Week

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The next big update for the free-to-play gacha RPG Genshin Impact is coming, and we’re rumored to be learning all about it this week. This information comes from reliable Genshin leaker Sukuna, which claims the Genshin Impact Version 2.0 Special Program will take place on July 9 at 5 a.m. PT and will last about an hour.

But wait, what is this? Version 2.0? The last Genshin Impact update was version 1.6! Yes, it looks like this next update is going to be so big that miHoYo will skip a few songs and go straight to version 2.0. So, what can we expect from this update? Well, miHoYo has already teased that they’re going to add a brand new capital/region, Inazuma. Ah, but that’s not all. According to another insider Twitter account, Genshin report, miHoYo will also announce cross-saves between PC, mobile, PS4 and PS5 (and Switch once that version finally releases).

Not being able to freely switch between mobile and PC/console versions of the game was one of Genshin Impact’s biggest limitations, so this is good news. Overall, it sounds like Genshin Impact 2.0 is going to be a pretty substantive update.

Genshin Impact is now available on PC, PS4, PS5 and mobile platforms. We don’t have a release date for version 1.7/2.0, but there are usually six weeks between updates and version 1.6 came out on June 8, so a July 20 or July 21 release is likely.

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