Genshin Impact Reported To Get Cross Save Feature Soon

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A new report suggests that game studio miHoYo is now working on a way to give the popular online game Genshin Impact a cross-save feature.

According to Twitter account Genshin report, the upcoming game finally supports cross-save between all platforms in the upcoming version 2.0 update. This will come on July 21, 2021. Also, the upcoming Nintendo Switch version will also support this feature when it comes out. Anyone who logs in with their Hoyolab account can log into any platform with the same game account, allowing them to play the same progress on potentially all of them.

miHoYo has not yet confirmed this, but there are previous reports from leakers that were confirmed days later. There should be a big announcement this week, possibly on July 9.

Some leakers did say that cross save will have its limitations. For example, accounts started on the PlayStation 4 or PS5 will have to leave their console-limited bonuses there and will not work on PC, mobile or in the future Nintendo Switch.

Genshin Impact is now available on PS4, PS5, Android, iOS and PC.

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